50 Shades Of Jill Kassidy

  July 5, 2017

Recently while planning our shoots we needed to find the right person to play the role of a submissive and innocent girl in our scene, Mr White. We quickly settled on Jill Kassidy. Jill is the definition of beautiful and having never done this type of BDSM before she was the perfect fit. Seeing the genuine innocence in her while she is tied up and blindfolded is exactly the scene we wanted to produce.

The scene starts with Chad White, who plays the role of Mr White, browsing through The FA Dating App looking for a submissive girl. When he finds Jill he invites her to his house where he has her sign a contract and sets the ground rules. A little unsure what to expect Jill Kassidy signs the contract and puts herself into the care of Mr White. Jill is then lead down into Mr White’s sex dungeon where he ties her up and blindfolds her before slowly working every inch of her body.

Mr White is part of FuckingAwesome.com’s first series No Strings Attached starring Jill Kassidy and Chad White. The series revolves around The FA Dating App which allows our stars to find their perfect match, or in some cases not so perfect match, and fuck them for that perfect one night stand. The series is part of a premium area where users enjoy the full scenes in 4K Ultra HD. Don’t worry though, if you are still not convinced to sign up you can watch the 8-minute trailers as well as enjoy one free full-length scene a week.

Jill Kassidy was kind enough to sit down with The FA Crew after her shoot and shared a few interesting things such as the time a fan paid her to let them lick her toes and take photos with her. Weird! She also mentions her favorite food is Mexican. You can watch the full interview below or on TheFACrew Youtube.

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  • Brad Peters

    I love you Jill, you are so hot and to see you tied down is one of my dirtiest dreams.

  • B̼̤̤̼͋͆͆͋͠͠i̼̤̤̼͋͆͆͋͠͠l̼̤̤̼͋͆͆

    Jill I warna fuck u