An Afternoon By The Pool With Naomi Woods

  June 27, 2017

Every day we shoot a steamy new scene with A-list stars or up-and-coming talent is a day well spent in our book.

That being said, there are some days where everything comes together and a scene just pops. Our most recent shoot with Naomi Woods and Tony Rubino was one of those days, with lots of Florida sunshine, a light breeze, and Naomi in a skimpy purple bikini.

Naomi Woods plays a rich young babe in Fucking The Gardner who broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago and is now very horny. She’s had her eye on quiet gardener Tony Rubino for a while and decides to find a way to get him to fuck her.

Naomi rubs tanning oil all over her stomach and chest and then opens her bikini top to rub oil into her small but perfect tits before she drifts off to sleep.

Tony hasn’t seen a girl this fine since forever, so he comes over to take a closer look. Before he knows it, his dick is out and he’s jerking it as he watches her from behind a tree. Naomi wakes up suddenly and tells him that if he’s going to get himself off, he’d better plan on getting her off as well.

A passionate fuckfest ensues, with Naomi giving Tony an incredible, sloppy deepthroat blowjob, while she looks up at him with her beautiful green eyes. A few minutes later, Tony has Naomi bent over on all fours on the banana lounge, while he drills her tight pussy from behind. He then makes her ride him, which she’s more than happy to do, grinding her shaven twat around his thick cock. This position seems to hit the spot for Naomi who cums hard while Tony pounds into her relentlessly.

After he makes her cum again, Naomi Woods looks up at Tony and tells him that she loves his cock. Tony pushes her to her knees and drops a big load in her mouth. She then spits it out and lets it dribble down her chin and tits.

Although she was exhausted, Naomi was kind enough to hang back after the shoot to answer a few questions for us.

It’s not enough that Naomi is a perfect 10 who fucks like an Amazon and is smart as hell, she’s also a multi-skilled renaissance woman. She sings and plays guitar, composes music, is writing a book, and she can paint and draw!

We also found out that her absolute favorite food is sushi and “just about any other type of fish or seafood”, and that when it comes to men, all Naomi really looks for is a connection.

If you want to know everything there is to know about Naomi, check out her bio here. It contains the most comprehensive information on her anywhere on the net, and touches on fascinating topics such as her unique career before porn, her philosophy on sexuality, and that one time she gave her boyfriend a handjob while he sat next to his dad!

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