Alix Lynx Does An AMA With The FA Crew

  May 22, 2017

It’s not every day you hear seeing a dick for the first time described as “falling into a giant bucket of glitter cotton candy”. Well that’s the sort of hilarious material that came out of our Reddit AMA (ask me anything) session with blonde vixen Alix Lynx.

Alix Lynx is a self-confessed Reddit junkie and seeing as we’ve recently released her incredible FuckingAwesome scene with Tony Rubio, we thought it would be the perfect time to have a no holds barred AMA session on Reddit where fans could ask Alix Lynx whatever they wanted. Alix was a champ throughout the multiple sessions she did and she answered everything fans could throw at her and then some!

We were so impressed with this funny and revealing AMA, that we put together a summary of fan questions and Alix’s answers below.
We’ve divided the questions and answers into general sections for easier reading. If you liked the session and want more FuckingAwesome AMA’s with other stars, let us know on Twitter. Enjoy!


What are the best and worst things in the porn industry?
The best thing has been the astronomical level of empowerment and confidence doing porn has given me, along with being my own boss and having my freedom. The worst things are the misconceptions people outside the industry have of adult performers which are so outlandish. But having said that, I know this is just from a lack of education at their end.

Would you fuck a fan?
If said fan were also a legitimate, experienced, adult performer, with a good reputation in the biz, then yes 🙂

How many fans have you slept with?
Zero … I only work with legitimate performers.

So what you are saying is that you never have sex outside of work? With anyone?
What I’m saying is that I keep my personal life personal, but rest assured I get plenty of it when the camera isn’t rolling 😉

What are some of your favorite colleagues that you’ve worked with in your scenes, and some that are on your wish list (retired or not)?
Favorite colleagues… I gotta say, my scene with Johnny and Kissa Sins was one of my faves because they’re both superhot, chill, good people AND clearly both pros at what they do LOL … As for my wish list, Riley Reid and Madison Ivy are at the top of that.

How old were you when you did your first scene and who was it with?
I was 25 and it was a GG scene for Hustler with Jeannie Marie. I was terrified hahaha.

Hey Alix huge fan! Love your scenes! Especially the scene when you were Cammy from street fighter lol. If you had your choice, which movie/comic/video game character would you want to parody next?
Ah that was SO much fun! A lot of playing dress ups and getting into character, esp for badass ones like Cammy! I AM DYING TO BE ALICE FROM ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Or Tomi Lahren. Teehee.

Would you ever do a BBG scene? Would you be up for doing one?
Have not, but I never say never 🙂

Are you planning to do an interracial scene?
Never say never!

Hey Alix!! How’s the camming world versus the porn business? Love you and hope you’re doing well 😉
Blue!!!! As far as being lucrative, webcamming is the winner (but you have to be consistent and work your booty off … it’s definitely not easy by any means)! It’s not so much my cup of tea anymore since I much prefer to be in front of the camera, performing, but I’ll hop on every so often. Porn is also quite lucrative if you know how to hustle … it’s few and far between that women are able to live solely off of their income from shoots.

Alix if you could choose a location to shoot anywhere where would it be and what would the setup be?
I wanna be Alice at the Mad Hatter’s tea party so it would be in some really obscure, fairy tale-esque area. Tim Burton can direct it. 🙂


What sort of things do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Things totally unrelated to what you are known for? Hiking, traveling, writing, anything like that?
I read like 4 books a week (usually non-fiction, self-help, business type stuff), I also write in a journal daily…just my random thoughts and feelings as well as what I’m grateful for…I’ve picked up meditating daily too which has done wonders for my clustered brain. I LOVE to travel and explore new cool places. ‘Tis never a dull moment with me.

What is your favorite NFL team?
Eek, I’m not really into sports at all but I’ll go with the New York Giants since that’s my OG home 😉

Music wise who is your current favorite artist?
Oh heavens, this is a tough one!! I’ve got a lot of favorites in all different genres so picking one is brutal. Let’s just go with Biggie and call it a day.

What’s up with Fancy Monster?
Fancy Monster is my brainchild that is an immersive electronic music experience and I am so fucking stoked to see what this year brings for FM!

Next music festival/big event you are going to attend? Will it be EDC? Would you ever do a fan meeting at like EDC let’s say?
YASSSS EDC!!! I meet “fans” (hate that word) ALL the time at festivals because I’m right there in the crowd raging, too! Everyone is super nice and I’m thrilled to say hi, take pics and hang out if you can find me!


Have you ever used online dating sites like OkCupid for personal reasons? Do you know any porn stars that do?
I’ve never used online dating and don’t know any co-workers who do either…I’m all for it, but haven’t ever had a reason to…I prefer to meet people organically. If we meet in real life we probably already have something we both have in common, which is a great start!

What makes you tick? Are mornings hard for you or do you usually have a lax schedule during the days?
I’m a morning person so I’m bouncing off the walls at 6 AM every day hitting the gym, and usually in bed by 10:30 PM while my days are jam-packed. Actually, the days I go shoot are my “chill” days because that’s all I’m doing! Right now I am doing custom videos (shooting, editing, uploading), YouTube videos, organising/planning content for social media and future YouTube vids (this may well be a full-time job in itself), and now I’m also running the social media side of Fancy Monster (my new music project) plus boring office stuff like doing my books, post office runs and all my other errands, then we’ve got stuff like maintenance (hair, nails, et cetera)… Yeah soon I’ll have an assistant LOL.

How long did you work your 9-to-5 until you realized it was time to leave? What was the “final straw” that made you leave? Did you know exactly what you wanted to do when you left or did it take some time and bouncing around until you found the right thing to do with your life?
I worked a 9-to-5 for two years and loathed every minute of it. Well, that’s not entirely true… I did enjoy the fact that I had a “real job” after college but that soon dissipated after sitting at a desk 7.5 hours a day, five days a week for about a month… It gets old, real quick. I learned a TON in my “real world” jobs so I’ll forever be grateful for the experiences, but I knew within the first few months that the 9-to-5 rat race was not for me. I just tried to suck it up and hope it would grow on me eventually because it was what I was “supposed to do”, but alas, we all know that didn’t work. As for the final straw… I was working for a fairly new company who stopped being able to pay me in a timely manner. Luckily I had income from WebCamming, otherwise, I would have been screwed! When that happened I really sat back and was like, “why am I doing this to myself?” So I sent in my letter of resignation, deciding right then and there to WebCam full-time and that I would be just fine. And wouldn’t you know, I was! I had wanted to move to LA and do adult films for years before all this, and I refuse to live my life with regrets, so I just went for it. And now we are here.

I don’t follow or keep up with your love life so I’m not sure if you are in a relationship, so my question is this: When dating someone new, how early do you open up about your line of work? Do you bring it up from the start and get it out there? Or do you wait a couple of weeks to see if they are invested and interested in pursuing a relationship?
I’m open and honest right off the bat, but in today’s day and age the first time you meet someone they’re all “let’s follow each other on social media!” so it would be extremely hard (and really stupid) to try to hide that. Plus, I’m extremely proud of my career! If someone doesn’t know what I do, I have a conversation with them for an hour before bringing it up which totally changes any misconceptions they may have previously had about what adult performers are actually like.

How have you come to peace with your career? Can you genuinely say it’s something you enjoy doing? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Yes!!! As far as the adult industry, I fucking looooooove it. I love my big weird crazy porno family, the sets, the different days/characters I get to play every time, the performances, everything. I’ll never be “at peace” as in happy being complacent since I’ve always been the type of person to, once I’ve conquered my goals, make new ones and go after them. And I always will be. So yeah, I’ve accomplished much of what I wanted to in the adult entertainment industry. My biggest goal when it comes to that part of my life? Show the world that adult entertainers are people too. Bridge the gap between the adult world and the more “mainstream”. Show the world that it’s 2017 and holy fuck no way, people HAVE SEX and it’s OK to do so and that those who do can STILL accomplish other ventures outside of adult entertainment. Like I always say, we’re just normal people with abnormal jobs. Oh yeah, and I also want my own Fleshlight made so if anyone would fap with one PUHLEEZ hit them up on IG/Twitter/whatever else @Fleshlight. They listen! 🙂 In 5 years, I’ll have written a memoir, be touring the world playing my music and documenting my adventures on my YouTube channel (or whatever other social media we’re on at the time)!

Hi Alix! Happy late birthday haha. What’s up with your future? Are you going to focus on music rather than porn? Or you will try to do both at the same time? Greetings from Argentina 🙂
Hiya, and thank you!!! Well, what I do know is that I won’t be doing GILF porn (if you don’t know what that is go to google, teehee) and that I’ve always known it would be a launchpad but not the end game. That being said, I’m not retiring anytime soon! While I love adult, it’s just a teeny tiny percentage of who I am. I LOVE what I do, I LOVE creating filth and playing dress up and calling it my “job,” but there is also SO much more I want to (and will) accomplish outside of the adult industry, and I’ve always been one to not waste time and not wait for the “perfect moment” to start. I’m certainly going to be more selective with my shoots to make sure I can dedicate enough time to music, which is the direction I’m heading in. Ultimately, I’m an artist/performer at my core so entertainment is where I shall live eternally 🙂

Do you keep up with your old friends from school etc? What do they think about your “job”?
Ah, sadly I do not. People tend to drift apart as they get older, and it’s even more so when you live across the country and live an extremely different lifestyle than those you grew up with. I’ll catch up with the occasional former classmate once in a while and it’s awesome to be able to stay in touch with people you’ve known for so long with ease, thanks to stuff like social media. I’m the type to keep a small but close circle (quality over quantity 😉 ) but I do know (i.e. am told) that I’m the topic of discussion every so often. It’s what happens when you come from a teeny tiny town, but I’ve gotten nothing but friendly words of support and curious folk asking questions, which I’m always thrilled to answer. So generally speaking, they think it’s badass. Which is badass.

How was your high school experience?
It was great! I went to high school in a tiny farm town in way upstate New York so not much happened there. I graduated with honors, was in a band eternally, along with gymnastics, cheerleading, volleyball, AP classes, homecoming. I had friends in all “groups”… Our big nights out were backyard bonfires, and for that reason, I’ll always have a wee bit o’ redneck in me!


Any advice on the best way to market yourself as an individual and what people skills are great for one-on-one situations to avoid awkward silences? (I’m really baked just figured I’d ask something of substance).
I love me some high ideas! As for the marketing yourself, keep it real. Don’t try to put on a front to impress people. Just be yourself. If you’re not confident, act like you are because it’ll grow on you regardless. Be nice to everyone. As for one-on-one situations, it’s cool to have silence once in a while, but if it’s the awkward kind, I’m a big fan of random questions like “quick, top five places in the world you would want to visit, go”. People love to talk about themselves, plus you learn a lot about them and it gets the convo flowing!

What is your greatest passion? 🙂
I have three: music, healthy living, and performing <3

What is something that you’ve never done but would like to try?
Go to Japan.

Where is your favorite place to go get a coffee at and sit and enjoy it? Or beverage of your choice? What do you order?
There’s nothing like a cup of freshly ground, French pressed coffee. Lightly roasted. mmmmmm. If I’m out I’ll have a splash of cream, but if I’m home it’s a splash of almond milk!

How did you feel the first time when you saw a real dick???
Like I had fallen into a giant bucket of glitter cotton candy!

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