Ask Alix – Keeping Clothes On During Sex

  August 21, 2017

Hey Alix! So I’ve got a question that might be a little bit “out there” but I really wanna know. Why is it that some people prefer to keep their clothes and/or shoes on during sex?

Human beings certainly are fascinating creatures, aren’t they?! We’ve all got our own strange little habits that make us, well, us. And leaving our garments…or shoes…on while we’re getting freaky is a common one. For what it’s worth, here’s my two cents:

When it comes to sex, what you’re wearing (or not wearing) often depends on the situation you’re in and who you’re with. For example, let’s say you’re with your long-term partner on a long drive home at night after a concert and you absolutely cannot wait to get home and tear each others’ clothes off. So much so that you decide to pull the car over and get freaky in the backseat. Chances are, unless you’re in the middle of the desert, you’re probably not going to be taking your sweet time because there’s always the prospect of getting caught. And because of that, you’re probably not going to be taking the time to take your shoes off, let alone your shirt. (Personally, I’m a big fan of sliding my bottoms down just enough and “sitting” on my partners’ lap. This looks fairly innocent in case any people happen to pass by).

The same goes for if you decide you absolutely NEED a quickie with your boo when you’re at a house party. Or on a plane. Whatever. It’s all about efficiency, baby! Similar to Riley Reid’s scene with Mick Blue, she looked so good, there was no time for that school girl outfit to come completely off!

There can be many types of things that impact what you wear to bed.
If, for example, you’re at home and your girlfriend decides to leave her shirt on, that’s totally normal, too (as long as it’s not a regular occurrence). It’s extremely difficult for us ladies to really get into sex when our brains aren’t fully focused on the present…which tends to happen, for example, when it’s nearing that time of the month and we’re feeling bloated – and therefore, not sexy. And guys aren’t immune to this either!

However, if this happens regularly with your long-term partner, it might be time to have a talk. You should both feel safe and be able to be fully vulnerable with one another without worrying about being judged if one of you has put on a little weight and is feeling self-conscious about it.

Now, I personally prefer to leave a lil somethin’ on every so often while I’m getting frisky because I’m a big advocate of constantly changing things up. There’s just something so hot about wearing lingerie and stockings…and heels…and just pulling the bra down and sliding the panties to the side. Plus, I know that as a female, playing dress-up makes me feel beyond sexy…and my partner doesn’t have any complaints, either.

On the flip side of that, I’m also guilty of leaving my socks on a LOT when I’m having sex…and that’s it. Hey, nobody likes to have cold feet!

So as long as your fuck buddy isn’t leaving some dirty clothes on while you two are going at it (unless of course you’re into that sorta thing), and as long as you’re not getting the sense that your partner’s been leaving clothing on because they’re ashamed to bare it all in front of you, have nothing to worry about. Leaving shirts, socks, shoes or any type of clothing on during sex is just one of the many oddball tendencies of the human race. I’ll continue to play dress-up…and keep my socks on.

In the meantime, don’t forget to watch how I get down on camera in my FuckingAwesome scene with Tony Rubino.

Love Alix



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