Getting to Know Spencer Scott – She’s #FuckingAwesome

  October 9, 2017

Always getting you one step closer to the action, @TheFACrew sat down for an in-depth interview with sexy girl-on-girl porn star Spencer Scott. You may already be familiar with Spencer, a former model with blonde hair and DD’s, who jumped on to the scene as a playmate, being crowned Playboy’s Miss October in 2007.

Fresh off shooting her very first scene for FuckingAwesome, Spencer sat down with our team to open up about her personal life and give the fans a glimpse into the real Spencer Scott. The scene she had just finished shooting was none other than “She’s Our Girlfriend Now”, starring Scott and the insatiable gorgeous brunette, Darcie Dolce. Spencer, known for her special talents in girl-on-girl videos, confessed to loving her first ever scene for FA, fittingly telling us that the experience was “fucking awesome”. When asked if she enjoyed shooting with her co-star Dolce, the bubbly blonde giggled and with a sheepish smile admitted to finding her co-star hot -no wonder there was so much chemistry in the scene!

Looking for a date?

For those of you out there with dreams of taking Spencer out one day, you’ll be happy to hear her admit to playing the field when it comes to dating. She also goes both ways, for you ladies out there.

Weirdest sexual encounter?

We all have our own little turn-ons and fetishes, but sometimes things can get a bit too freaky in the bedroom. When asked about her weirdest sexual encounter, Spencer recalled one guy she met on dating website with a passion for feet that was bit too much for even this hardcore blonde. On a positive note, he ordered her lots of new shoes!

Sex and a Martini?

Most people can give you the same story for the craziest place they ever had sex; at the movies, on an airplane, a restaurant bathroom, it’s all been done before. Spencer manages to keep things interesting with this question. She tells of the time her and a boyfriend worked a swingers party as the entertainment, fucking intensely all night as guests could watch and enjoy as they sipped their martinis.

Watch the full video below to learn all about this hot FA star. FuckingAwesome works to constantly bring YOU the fan more by getting to know the stars of our site! From hobbies, to her background as a cute blonde from Georgia to Hollywood model and pornstar, to the full details on her craziest sexual encounters, you’ll soon know Spencer Scott a lot better. Also tune-in to @TheFACrew’s other great content on YouTube and get to know your favorite stars intimately.