Girl On Girl Orgasm Fiesta

  August 17, 2017

What happens when you consistently shoot sizzling scenes with some of the biggest stars in the adult industry? You see lots of orgasms, that’s what.

But what happens when you shoot your first ever girl/girl scene with blonde bombshell and ex-Playboy playmate Spencer Scott and brunette vixen and one of the hottest stars in the business right now, Darcie Dolce?

You see A LOT of orgasms, that’s what!

It all starts off pretty chill. Spencer’s brother is hanging out with his girlfriend Darcie and his sister Spencer in the kitchen, but has to leave suddenly to meet someone. Spencer goes upstairs to change and leaves Darcie in the kitchen to finish her beverage. As time begins to drag, Darcie wonders where Spencer is and decides to go and see what’s up.

Darcie goes upstairs only to find Spencer laying on her bed in all her voluptuous glory without a stitch of clothing on. Spencer asks Darcie if she wants to come and join her for some fun and Darcie, who is only human, doesn’t need a second invitation.

After they have a little make-out session, Spencer pushes Darcie onto her back and spreads her legs wide. Before Darcie has a chance to remember that she has a boyfriend, Spencer is licking her perfect little pussy. With such a talented expert between her legs, Darcie can’t help but cum in two minutes flat.

After she licks Darcie’s pussy a little longer, Spencer jumps on top of her and begins to grind her pussy all over Darcie’s mouth and eager tongue, while fingering her at the same time. Spencer doesn’t last long and pretty soon the girls are one apiece.

The girls then move to the 69 position with Darcie on top of Spencer. Darcie does such a good job with her fingers and mouth that she makes Spencer cum again. The two girls then passionately make out before Darcie slides a nice big toy into Spencer’s pussy. Can Darcie make Spencer cum a third time in five minutes? You bet!

After Spencer climaxes again, the girls take turns tasting the wet toy, Spencer then returns the favour and goes down on Darcie, who rubs her wet pussy all over Spencer’s pretty face.

Darcie then puts one end of a double ended dildo into Spencer and gives the other end a nice long suck, before she climbs on top of her to ride the double ender in the reverse cowgirl position. Spencer then whips out a purple strap-on and tells Darcie to climb on top and ride her, Darcie doesn’t need a second invitation and very quickly the toy is nice and shiny with her juices.

Watching Darcie’s perfect ass with its sexy tanlines bounce up and down on the strap-on while Spencer spanks it and talks dirty in her ear, is a mental image that won’t go away in a hurry.

The orgasm fiesta ends with Darcie on all fours getting reamed from behind by Spencer who expertly slaps her ass and smiles cheekily until Darcie screams with pleasure and has one final throbbing orgasm. The two exhausted girls then share a final passionate kiss, before Darcie tells Spencer not to breathe a word of what just happened to her brother. But the look on Spencer’s face says that sexy blackmail might be on the cards…here’s hoping.

After the shoot we got to ask Darcie Dolce all the questions we’ve always wanted to ask her. Like what Spencer’s vagina tastes like, the weirdest place she’s ever had sex and what her most interesting hobbies are. You can also read her full biography here.

In our BTS interview with Spencer Scott, she lets it slip that she’s a bit of a player when it comes to other women. She also opens up about her weirdest date, craziest sexual experience (at a “sex party” in Cali no less), her hobbies and how she got into the industry.

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Spencer Scott Darcie Dolce