The Italian Princess Valentina Nappi

  June 5, 2017

If you don’t know who Valentina Nappi is then you need to go watch this Italian Princess in The Pizza Delivery. Valentina made her debut in the industry back in 2011 when she got in contact with the well known Rocco Siffredi who shot her first scene almost instantly.

Watching Valentina Nappi’s interview with The FA Crew it is clear to see why she is not only in porn but so damn good at it, she loves to get fucked, as she politely puts it. Valentina loves to get fucked so much that she mentions casually “If I don’t shoot, I feel like I’m gonna fuck people in the street. Like, I need to fuck.”

Valentina talks about her private sex life and how she could never fulfill certain fantasies such as double penetration which is one of the catalysts of her email to Rocco, kickstarting her wonderful career in the adult industry.

When discussing travel Valentina talks about South Africa and the contrast between social classes and the beautiful nature.

The great news for fans is that she has no plans to retire anytime soon, in fact, her words were “What do I want to do in the future? Well, fuck more dicks and do more anal.” She also goes on to mention that as long as we see her alive we will see her with a dick in her hand. She sure knows how to paint a picture with words.

You can watch the full interview below and be sure to let us know on Twitter what you think.