Q & A Featuring Jessa Rhodes

  October 26, 2017

You’ve seen her videos, you’ve heard her moans, now’s your chance to go behind the scenes and get to know the real Jessa Rhodes. Named on CNBC’s list of “The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s biggest stars” in 2015, the Oregon native has been turning heads in the adult film industry since her debut at the age of 19. Check out the Q & A video below as Jessa and @TheFACrew talk about her journey to becoming a porn star, her biggest sexual fantasy, and what her life is like away from porn.

From the minute Jessa sits down, you can feel her wild energy. Having recently shot her first ever video with FuckingAwesome, the vivacious blonde wasn’t shy about how much fun she had with her co-star Alex Legend. Watch as Rhodes confesses to the @FACrew, “You know, he’s got a great dick!” The video they shot together, “Sit on My Face”, is part of FA’s Fantasy Factory series. The scene shows Jessa arriving in a guy’s bedroom in black lingerie ready to make his fantasy come to reality.

Biggest sexual fantasy?

When asked about her biggest sexual fantasy, Jessa isn’t afraid to tell you about the kinky stuff that runs through her mind when she’s horny. The sexy porn star admits that when she masturbates, she loves to imagine a couple of big strong guys giving it to her while an authoritative figure like her father is being cuckolded in the corner. It should be noted that Jessa swears her Dad is a great guy and that she’s not one of those girls with “daddy issues”, she just finds the fantasy a huge turn on!

Can you keep up?

For those of you who have always dreamed of dating a porn star, this interview with Jessa Rhodes gives you a glimpse into what it would be like. If you want to date Jessa, you better have a dirty mind, be up for a lot of wild fun and you shouldn’t be too boring; she broke up with the last guy she was seeing for being way too vanilla in bed. The naughty blonde told @TheFACrew that any guy she fucks has to be just too twisted as she is, so I hope you can keep up with her.

The Real Jessa Rhodes

Jessa talks about her life outside of porn, admitting to loving a quiet, boring day-to-day routine. The porn star likes spending her time relaxing at home with her dogs or spending the day soaking up the sun on the beach. Of course she does enjoy taking the occasional trip to Vegas to party it up for a few days, before returning to her tranquil life at home.

The interview goes on, with @TheFACrew asking Jessa tons of great questions to give our FuckingAwesome followers up close access to your favorite porn stars. Watch the full interview below to hear Jessa Rhodes talk about how she got into porn, her thoughts on how young is too young, and which historical figure, dead or alive, she would love to fuck.