The Top 5 Things Women Want From You in Bed

  September 7, 2017

For those of you who enjoy pleasing their partner, here’s a list of the top five things a girl wants in bed. Trust me when I tell you there is more than just five things I could mention, but for now let’s start with the basics.

More eye contact

If I’m willing to have sex with you it means that I’m attracted to the way you look, and a man’s eyes are something most women find very attractive. Eye contact makes someone feel wanted and from a psychological standpoint, it makes us feel more secure. So why not keep up the eye contact during sex? Also, a person’s facial expressions can give away their thoughts and feelings long before they can verbalize them, so let’s get more into staring deeply into your sexual partner’s eyes! (And giving them “fuck me eyes” is always a plus.) These rules apply any time you’re getting intimate with your partner, not just during penetration. For example, when someone is performing oral sex on me I actually enjoy it more if they are looking up at me, just the way I like to do when giving a blowjob. Let’s get the creepy eye contact going! As an added bonus, you’ll get to enjoy your partner’s facial expression when they are in the throes of an orgasm and see if they go cross eyed like I do!

Better positions

I know it’s hard for some guy’s to believe there are more positions than doggy style and missionary, but this just means you need to get creative! Even a subtle change like putting her leg up at the right angle can help to deliver an earth-shattering climax. I’m not even talking about wild porn positions, although those can be fun too but if I had to do reverse cowgirl that much in real life I would have some beast leg muscles! Also, positions where you can both grind to each other’s needs can be great. Scissoring isn’t just for lesbians anymore and some scissoring positions are FUCKING AWESOME! Personally, being an avid reader about sex, I sometimes come across the strangest positions, things I would literally scratch my head at if someone tried to explain it to me. It’s also important to remember that being flexible is never a bad thing, so stretching is vital to trying these mind blowing positions – check out the sexy August Ames’ flexibility. If you have ever experienced the pain of a leg cramp while in the pile driver position, you’d understand.

August Ames

More dirty talk

Find out what your partner is into and then verbalize it! It’s always a good foreplay move to talk about things that turn your partner on. I like to find out the one thing that turns them on the most and tell a complete story based around that. If they are into anal, I tell them how much I want to get fucked in my ass and how good it would feel. This helps make people more comfortable because you are listening to their turn-ons. You are learning what makes them tick! I also like talking about what turns me on about that person. This they know how much I enjoy having sex with them. Plus it’s always a good laugh later because people say some of the most outrageous things during sex!

Manual stimulation

I feel like most guys forget they have hands during sex. Basically, if you aren’t pulling my hair or choking me, you better be rubbing my little pleasure spot on my pussy while you fuck me. That’s right boys, the clitoris isn’t just a Pokémon! Just make sure you don’t rub it too hard or you can injure someone that way! Also, nails should be trimmed and neat, no scratches for me please! I prefer circular motions but every girl is different. Some girls want a lot of spit while others prefer none at all, some like it hard while others prefer a softer touch. Just test it out and if you get a good reaction then you’re doing it right!


For me, after-care is different depending on my relationship with the person. Sometimes after-care is just a nice gesture to offer a shower and a baby wipe…basically making sure I’m happy and clean after some dirty sex. However, if I’m intimate with that person, I love a good cuddle and to have my hair played with or my back tickled. How your partner leaves the bedroom has a big impact on if they want to have sex with you again. On the flip side, if I just hooked up with my buddy for some casual fun, I normally suggest a high five and some food!

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Samantha Rone

Samantha Rone