In 2020, America will have the opportunity to elect a candidate for president that will actually bring REAL change, a President they can finally trust. Boasting an impressive educational background that includes a doctorate, America will have the chance to elect a woman who has never let anything stop her, thriving in a male dominated industry to reach the very top.

Cherie’s love and compassion for her fellow Americans has led to her Presidential run. Watching what’s gone on with our country over the last several months has brought DeVille to a point where she can’t just sit around and watch the country she loves so deeply destroyed. Cherie is kind, generous and most of all, a true leader. Deville/Coolio 2020 is prepared to do what it takes to shock the world!

DeVille Platform

  • Healthcare

    Every American deserves the right to medical treatment in this country! Cherie was inspired greatly by Senator Sanders run for the Democratic nomination, specifically by his healthcare and education stances. DeVille follows the belief of Sanders and many other great Democrats like Franklin D. Roosevelt believing that the creation of a universal healthcare system guaranteeing health care to all American people. Cherie is saddened that we, as the greatest country in the world are the only major industrialized nation where people are dying every day because they can’t afford care.

  • Environment

    This country should be a leader in renewable energy. DeVille is a firm believer in global warming and would make it her personal mission to clean up the mess the current administration is making. DeVille believes that America should follow the examples set by President Macron of France, and Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada and lead the world to help preserve our planet.

  • Equality

    Cherie DeVille believes in social equality and stands behind the LGBT community, she believes any loving couple should have the right to unify in marriage if they so choose. We need to spread the message of respect and understanding. Love TRUMPS hate.

  • Campaign Funding Reform

    This campaign will be as transparent as Cherie’s life; we will be supported and funded solely by the people and corporations that stand up for every American. We will not accept money from the big businesses that currently control our government through shady campaign support. It’s time the people had a real person, with a real voice, to represent the masses.

  • Immigration

    “I remember sitting on my couch, watching the announcement that someone isn’t welcome in a land that was made on the backs of immigrants is a true and sincere shame. I realized I had to do something.” - Cherie DeVille, 2017

    We must increase the ease of becoming an American citizen. We are truly all immigrants, this nation was founded on people moving to America with a dream (including our President’s ancestors). We must keep that tradition alive while using our governmental resources to weed out any threats to our great nation.

  • Education

    The American education system has been broken for a long time. DeVille again follows the lead of Senator Sanders believing that all students deserve the opportunity to receive an affordable, quality education from a young age right through college. Let’s build a brighter, stronger, more educated future together!

  • Marijuana

    Cherie is an advocate for weed legalization. With the many health benefits that have been proven, and the successful examples of recreational legalization on the state level, the DeVille administration stands firmly green.

The Team

Vice President

Grammy award winning musician Coolio is the voice of a generation. He has lived and seen the struggles that many Americans face, being raised in Compton, California. Experiencing the difficulties of growing up poor and doing anything to survive, Coolio can relate with the everyday American. Having climbed up and to the top of the mountain as a self-made American, he’s a success story. Before becoming a rap star, Coolio was a volunteer firefighter, serving the people. Once music took over his life, he began touring the world. Having traveled to dozens of countries across every continent, Coolio has great insight in world politics and affairs.

Coolio will use his ability to channel the everyday American while helping make key decisions for the betterment of the people.

Kennedy Summers
Secretary of Health

Kennedy is a 3rd year med student and model/actress who has appeared on runways, in tv commercials, magazines etc., making her a recognizable figure to Americans. Summers has also traveled the world as an international fashion model. Through her travels, she was always fascinated by the healthcare systems in different countries; some surprisingly good, while others, depressingly bad. Kennedy has issue with the current broken system in this country and wants to lead America to major change. Kennedy also takes issue with the obesity rates in our country and supports healthy living through physical fitness and healthy eating, in her case being Vegan. She’s looking to lead Americans forward lean, and healthy.

Khloe Terae
Secretary of Foreign Relations

Canadian born, Khloe Terae is an international model who has travelled to 40+ countries appearing in magazines such as FHM, Maxim, Sports Illustrated and many more. Having travelled so much in her life, she’s been able to connect with people of many different cultures which has given Terae a unique perspective on the world. She believes in unification and growth, a strong Canadian mentality she’s kept with her on her travels. As secretary of state Khloe will use her inside position with Prime Minister Trudeau to keep the feisty Canadians at bay, while beautifully representing the United States of America!

Personal Bodyguard

Known best for his legendary professional wrestling career, Virgil had great success as “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase’s bodyguard in the WWE, as well as one of the members of the NWO! Virgil also has unique insight on Donald Trump as the two met several times at Wrestlemania. It was a no brainer when Virgil was selected as candidate DeVille’s personal bodyguard. Virgil brings years of experience to the table and would do anything for Cherie, and America!

Alix Lynx
Press Secretary

Communications major, Alix Lynx has been chosen by the DeVille campaign to represent the White House during press briefings. She will interact directly with the media. Alix is well spoken, highly respected and comes with an impressive educational pedigree. She is a natural for this position and will proudly represent her President and country.

Get Involved

Get behind the candidates who truly represent the people. These are not lifelong politicians looking to pad already full pockets, but instead to give America a voice again. DeVille Coolio 2020 is the answer to the mess our country is in. 8 months into Trump's presidency and we are on the verge of nuclear war, and there are nazi's marching in the streets, it's time for change.

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