Aaliyah Hadid Shoots Exclusive Scene For FuckingAwesome.com

  May 2, 2017

The beautiful Aaliyah Hadid has just released an exclusive scene with FuckingAwesome.com that is going to keep her loyal fans extremely happy. For those of you who don’t already know Aaliyah, prepare to fall in love.

Aaliyah, born in 1995, is the perfect mix of black, white, Vietnamese and Cherokee and one of the girls we just had to have shoot with us for the launch of FuckingAwesome.com. Her cheating housewife scene has set the bar for the quality of content TheFACrew will be producing. Hadid made it into the adult entertainment industry after working as an escort for a few months before meeting the right people at the right time. The full story of how she got into the industry can be seen in her exclusive behind the scenes interview below.

Behind The Scenes Q&A

To learn more about the gorgeous Aaliyah head over to her biography page where you can read about the so-called “Child of The Lord” and how she didn’t have her first kiss until she was 16 along with where she lost her virginity.

  • Brad Peters

    Wow she is just so hot, I always loved her Arab kind of flair though I know she ain’t arab 😉