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  August 9, 2017

“What’s up Alix! So throughout my many years of uh, research in your line of work, I’ve encountered a bunch of fetish-related vids. I know some of them are pretty common, like foot fetishes, but then there are some that just make me go, “Huh?!” (Like the hair brushing one I came across the other day). So my question is, where do fetishes come from?”

Ah, the wonderful world of fetishes. I remember my first encounter with fetishes back in my camgirl days. I was equal parts astonished and fascinated every time I was introduced to a new one. At this point in my career, it’s a challenge to get me to even raise my eyebrows. Regardless, when you come across any fetish it’s hard to not feel a sort of curiosity.

Let’s start off with the definition. tells us that a fetish is “Any object or non-genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.” This means that someone who has a high heel fetish, for example, would become sexually aroused when they see another person wearing high heels. And yes, this means that there’s literally no ceiling to the types of fetishes a person can have. I have personally encountered a number of interesting fetishes, things like noses, boxing gloves, balloons, armpits, dirty socks, or even just being “stuck”.

So, where in the world do fetishes come from? Everyone’s brain works differently, so the reason behind one person’s fetish is likely different from the next person’s.

Fetishes often begin during your early years and happen on a subconscious level when you’re exposed to something repeatedly while sexually aroused. So you basically end up conditioned to become aroused when said object, body part…whatever…is present.

When you’re extremely aroused, your senses are incredibly heightened and your brain releases a bunch of chemicals (like good ol’ endorphins and dopamine). Being at this level of arousal (like I was in my Fucking Awesome scene) is quite literally like being on drugs and you could even say that you’re not fully yourself. This means that the stuff that you can crave something that may not traditionally find hot whatsoever. So when you try it and like it, you’re more likely to repeat it. Again. And again. And again. This is also how people become aroused when subjected to typically painful acts, like face slapping or choking – in our state of arousal, they can actually feel good to us. Thus, a fetish is born – something new to look for while watching your favorite Fucking Awesome series.

People who tend to be extremely adventurous sexually simply enjoy incorporating new kinks into their sexcapades to keep things fresh, so the odds are that somewhere among the furry wearing, toe sucking, submissive kitten play, you’re going to find a fetish you’re exceptionally fond of. Fucking Awesome, for example, as a new website is also catering to the genre with their scene with Jill Kassidy and Chad White in order to keep up with demand!

While there’s no one single answer to where fetishes come from, what is certain is that unless your fetish interferes with your daily life, is dangerous or causes harm to yourself or others, it’s totally normal. And if your partner isn’t always down to give a footjob or rock that smokin’ hot superhero costume for you, there’s definitely a porno for that. 😉

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    Hii Alix! Thanks for doing this, as fans there is SO much we would love to know. Please keep coming back with more of these!

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