Mr White

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Duration: 37:47

  November 06, 2022
Mr White played by Chad White is looking for a naughty little submissive girl on The FA Dating app when he comes across Jill Cassidy. Mr White invites Jill to his mansion where he offers her a beverage and a contract to sign. Jill who has never experienced a Daddy figure quite like this before signs the contract before she is taken to Mr White's private sex dungeon. Jill is blindfolded, gagged and fucked like never before. True to Mr White's style he comforts his new sub after pushing her body and mind to the limits.
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  • wrote 2246 days ago

    I KNOW you were trying to be edgy, but. . . PLEASE don`t ever blindfold gorgeous eyes like Jill`s.

  • wrote 2280 days ago

    Pretty good performance by both Mr White and Ms Kassidy. Ms Kassidy is breathtakingly beautiful. The story started strong when the dungeon was revealed, I thought this could be a five star scene. Unfortunately, the dungeon wasn't used to its full potential giving us an above average vanilla scene. The director and writers really let Ms Kassidy, Mr White, and the viewer down. I rate 3.5 out of 5.

  • wrote 2280 days ago

    This is like my favourite porn scene of all time, I will personally masturbate to this every day for the next year. Jill your hotter than a fucking JalapeƱo.