Kimber Woods Is A Pistol

  July 27, 2017

We heard on the grapevine that Kimber Woods was special, so last weekend we invited her around to see what all the fuss was about. We also asked professional stud and porn wunderkind, Marcus Dupree to come over and help us put her through her paces.

All we can say is wow. What a babe, what a performance, and what a woman!

The scene kicks off with some incredible aerial footage from the FuckingAwesome drone in the Hollywood hills. Kimber plays a horny jogger who has her eye on Marcus Dupree. Unfortunately for her, Marcus is too busy blasting the trail to stop and talk, even to a sexy girl like Kimber Woods.

But Kimber always gets what she wants. And in this case it’s Marcus’ dick in her ass. Kimber fakes an injury the next time he runs past and poor Marcus has no choice but to carry her home.

Once they’re back at his place, Kimber has her beautiful lips on his shaft in 10 seconds flat (no literally, we timed it). The look of surprise on his face when she does, is priceless. Marcus then gives her a sloppy throat fucking that might just be the best BJ scene we’ve shot so far! Marcus then spins Kimber around and eats her asshole while she rubs that juicy ass all up in his face.

Watching Marcus ream Kimber’s perfect pussy while he holds her hands behind her back and he forces her to cum is next level porn. He then sticks his dick into her tight asshole and sinks it to the hilt while he rests a foot on her face and Kimber squeals in delight. Wow! If this doesn’t win an award for “Best Anal Sex Scene” at an awards show somewhere, we don’t know what will.

And it just gets better and better. This scene literally has it all, there’s awesome sexual chemistry, Kimber giving and receiving a rimjob, 101 crazy anal sex positions and close-ups of Kimber’s gaping hole…oh yeah, she also has several assgasms.

It all comes to a perfect climax with Kimber Woods on her knees softly moaning “give me, give me, give me” while she looks up at Marcus with pale blue eyes waiting for the popshot. Ever the gentleman, Marcus obliges her and pastes her pretty face with a satisfyingly big load.

After this epic, we’re genuinely surprised Kimber had the energy to hang back and chat, but we’re sure glad she did. She’s a livewire, no doubt about it! We found out which Marvel characters she would like to have a gangbang with and what her hidden talents are, we also found out how she got into the industry. We fell in love with Kimber in this interview, and you will too, and those eyes man, those eyes.

You can also read about Kimber’s incredible life in her detailed biography here. She doesn’t just give world-class blowjobs and fuck like a hellcat, she’s also a 3rd degree black belt, a world champion martial artist and an accomplished singer and dancer.

You can also learn about what smells get her wet, who she likes creampies from and why she’ll never ever be able to do a double vag scene — although she says double anal is on the table!

We’d love to hear what you thought of the scene. You can get in touch on Twitter or Facebook, or check out our exclusive pics on Instagram.

Kimber Woods FA

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