Kimber Woods


Profile Views: 25351

Kimber Woods

Profile Views: 25351

DOB: 02/02/1993
HEIGHT: 5ft 3 in (1.60 m)
WEIGHT: 112lb (51kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue


Kimber Woods was born on 2 February 1993 in Miami, Florida.

Kimber is a spicy Cuban and Lebanese mix with the looks and body of a supermodel and the self-described sex-drive of a “16-year-old boy going through puberty”. Kimber has luscious black hair, a big bubble-butt and a beautiful smile.

Kimber was raised in Miami, Florida in a liberal and supportive family. While she was growing up, she devoted herself to the study of the traditional Japanese martial art of Go-Ryu. A teen martial arts prodigy, Kimber got special permission at 15 to test for a black belt and was one of the youngest ever female holders of the qualification. She was also an undefeated junior MMA champion for several years.

Kimber says she was a “goody goody” and “a fucking prude” growing up, but finally lost her virginity at 17 to her first boyfriend in her bedroom. After she lost it, Kimber stayed a good girl and only had sex with three guys before she got into porn.

While she was shy around guys because she was “scared of big penises”, Kimber’s relationship with the ladies is another story altogether and she’s “lost count” of how many girls she’d slept with by the time she was 17. Kimber’s first lesbian experience was with a friend “who was the hottest girl in the 8th grade”. One day while the pair were at home alone, the conversation turned to kissing and soon the girls were practicing their technique on each other. Kimber says that “kissing soon turned to licking” and she’s been a fan of girls ever since.

Kimber got into the industry after dating fellow adult entertainer T Stone, who quickly saw she was talented in the bedroom and suggested she give porn a try. Kimber was hesitant for the first few years, but after a while she thought “fuck it, I’ll try it” and shot her first scene with T Stone soon after. While she was initially worried about “queefing” on camera, once she started having orgasms Kimber says the whole thing was “fucking easy” and that she loved every second of it.

When she first started out in the industry, Kimber’s stage name was Lexi Vexxx, but after a while she got sick of that name. After some trial and error, Kimber’s agent came up with the first name “Kimber” and her boyfriend suggested the last name “Woods”.

Kimber says she loves working in the industry because she gets paid to have sex with beautiful people every day. She considers herself “very bisexual” saying that “humans are way too beautiful to stick with a single gender”. Kimber also likes shooting with older men and women because they are more experienced sexually and are more focused on giving and receiving pleasure.

Kimber is “a very horny person by nature” so a lot of things get her off, but she especially likes the smell of perfume and cologne and loves it when people want to lick, kiss and worship her feet. Her favorite position is missionary, because she has a very shallow vagina and the position is both intimate and allows the man to dominate the woman. Kimber also likes being tied down and gagged and likes to alternate between being submissive and dominant. She enjoys “really rough sex” and likes “complete and total abuse” in the bedroom. Kimber’s ultimate fantasy is to be asleep at home and have a guy break in and fuck her while she’s sleeping.

Kimber masturbates “at least three times a day” and considers herself a “porn addict”. Her favorite method is her Hitachi and her preferred genres of porn are lesbian porn, threesomes or gay porn. Kimber’s “go-to” porn girls are Jenna Haze and Alexis Texas and if she could fuck any celebrity it would be Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Channing Tatum, Scarlett Johanssen Margot Robbie, or Jessica Biel.

When a guy cums, Kimber likes it in the mouth and she loves swallowing. She also likes to be creampied by a guy if she is dating him. In the future, Kimber would like to try a DP with her boyfriend and another guy, and she would also like to train her ass to do double anal one day. That being said, Kimber doesn’t think that her small pussy will ever be able to take double vag.

When she isn’t shooting electric new scenes for, Kimber enjoys training for MMA and hitting the gym, she is also an accomplished soul singer. Her favorite movie is Mean Girls as well as “any Disney movie ever”. Her favorite TV shows are Game of Thrones and Stranger Things and her favorite foods are pizza, mac and cheese and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.