Riley Star & Angel Smalls Blow Tony De Sergio’s Mind

  June 19, 2017

Here at we have all the luck, with not one but two smoking hot babes coming to visit us recently.

Angel Smalls and Riley Star came around to shoot a very sensual threesome with Tony De Sergio at one of our favorite shooting locations in the Hollywood hills and wow do these two hunnies know how to put on a show!

Check out their fucking hot threesome here, it’s over 45 minutes of porn gold and is shot in 4k-Ultra HD — because that’s just how we roll.

Angel Smalls plays a young blonde student who has recently found a caring and rich sugar daddy who is also an absolute stud in the bedroom. Riley Star plays her curious brunette friend who is struggling to make ends meet and could really use a few extra bucks.

After coming home from a long day at the office, Tony wants to take a load off and he likes the look of Riley’s pale and toned young body. He tells Angel to come upstairs in a few minutes and to bring Riley as well.

Pretty soon, the girls are undressing each other and are passionately making out while Tony watches. Being the man with the money means it’s all about Tony. First, he lays on his back and Riley and Angel take turns sucking his thick cock. Riley’s a natural, and pretty soon she’s got Tony’s cock deep in her pussy while she rides him like a cowgirl and Angel plays with her clit and licks her small tits.

It doesn’t take long for Riley to have a toe curling orgasm. Expert Tony doesn’t skip a beat, and seamlessly pulls out of Riley and drops Angel down onto his thick shaft. Pretty soon he’s working his magic on her pussy and Angel has her first orgasm in about a minute!

Riley Star has never been a shy girl and as soon as Angel jumps off Tony, she’s back on his dick which is covered with Angel’s juices. The two girls continue to share Tony’s cock like this until Riley needs it deep, so she gets on all fours so Tony can pound her from behind. Tony fucks Riley deep and hard, occasionally pulling his shaft out of her pussy offering it to Angel to suck on. Tony and Angel also make out while Tony continues to use Riley’s tight pussy.

After Riley cums yet again, Angel lays on her back and opens her legs so her sugar daddy can fuck her. Riley earns her money by licking Angel’s clit and sucking Tony’s cock when he offers it to her.

Pretty soon Tony busts a nut all over Angel’s shaved pussy before Riley leans over and licks his spunk off her mound. As Tony passes her a fat wad of cash, Riley tells Angel that having a sugar daddy is amazing, she can’t believe that she just got paid so much for having such a good time!

We loved shooting Angel and Riley (and Tony too!) and hope to have them all back soon for another wicked shoot.

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Riley Star & Angel Smalls

Riley Star & Angel Smalls -