Sneaking Up On Gia Paige

  July 25, 2017

Any girl that says “I wanna be thrown around sometimes” and “I wanna be bad” is a girl we’d like to get to know better and that girl is Gia Paige!

Gia Paige is just another bored teenager tapping away on her phone while trying to ignore her boring, lame-ass parents. That is until they leave for bingo. As soon as they’re out the door, Gia is quick to sneak upstairs, strip down and show us all her sexy tattooed body and delicious curves.

With her legs wide open, erect nipples and neatly trimmed bush, Gia makes a pretty picture, and by the way, she fondles that tight little pussy, it’s pretty obvious this isn’t her first rodeo.

As she starts to think about being thrown around and taken roughly, Gia hears a noise in the kitchen. Wanting to prove to herself that she’s a badass in real life, she grabs a bat and goes to investigate.

Watching Gia creep down the stairs holding a baseball bat, biting her lip and wearing nothing but a worried look on her face, is something we won’t forget in a hurry. Once in the kitchen she’s surprised by none other than our favorite fucker and defiler of sexy women Mick, “I’ve fucked everybody”, Blue. Mick doesn’t waste any time fulfilling Gia’s secret fantasy. He throws her down on her parent’s kitchen bench top and proceeds to give her a pussy licking she’ll finger herself off to later.

Mick then sticks his dick into Gia’s pussy and maneuvers her eminently fuckable body around the kitchen so we can see her juicy ass bounce from every angle. Gia Paige ends the scene by giving Mick Blue a passionate blowjob while on her knees. Just as he’s depositing the last drops of cum onto Gia’s beautiful face, her parents come home. Mick legs it out of there and leaves Gia butt-naked in the kitchen with his load on her face.

Gia’s parents are understandably not impressed with their little girl but she doesn’t care. She thinks the whole situations is…well… FuckingAwesome!

It was great to do a behind the scenes interview with Gia after such a fun shoot. Watch it here to find out how many employees she fucked while she was the manager of a New York pizzeria and why she’s considering having some of her tattoos removed (you’ll never guess the reason). Gia also opens up about the most memorable off-camera sex of her life and why, if she could fuck anyone past or present, it would be David Carradine.

If you want to know even more about Gia, check out her full bio here. It contains everything there is to know about her, including how she lost her V-plates, what she looks for in a man, and what gets her wet in real life.

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