Gia Paige


Profile Views: 38494

Gia Paige

Profile Views: 38494

DOB: 06/18/1990
HEIGHT: 5ft 2 in (1.57 m)
WEIGHT: 110 lbs (50 kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Hazel


Gia Paige was born on 18 June 1990 in Michigan.

Gia has very quickly made a name for herself with her “no sexual limits” style of porn, her great relationship with her fans, and her petite body and big juicy ass. Gia is also an up and coming star, being nominated for the “Best New Starlet” award at the 2017 AVN Awards.

Gia grew up in Michigan in the Down River area. She has three sisters and had a great family life growing up. At school Gia was a “nerdy kid” who was “kind of a wierdo”, didn’t have many friends, and was in the school’s marching band.

Gia lost her virginity when she was 15 to her first boyfriend. She had strict parents and wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend, so she went to her friend’s house to meet up with him and hang out. Gia ended up having sex for the first time in her friend’s bed which made her friend furious.

After having sex for the first time, Gia became very promiscuous and says she “spiraled out of control”. She stopped keeping count “after 40 guys” because there was no point anymore. Gia also enjoyed having sex with women and had slept with “at least 10” by the time she started porn.

Gia got into the industry by modeling for the Suicide Girls website. She says that when she started modeling she was all tatted up with piercings and crazy colored hair so she fit right in.

Before porn, Gia worked as a nanny and as a manager at a pizzeria. She quickly got bored with doing the same thing day in and day out and was soon ready to try something different. One day she was watching a documentary on girls that did porn, and the thought of being her own boss and getting paid to travel the world appealed to her.

Gia thought she’d give it a go, so she booked herself in for a shoot. On her way to the shooting location Gia was very nervous and psyched herself out, but everyone was so nice that they put her at ease, and by the end of the shoot she was having fun.

Gia absolutely loves being in porn and says she will be doing it for as long as she can. Her favorite position is doggystyle because she loves to have her hair pulled and ass slapped while getting fucked.

Gia’s favorite male performer is Brian O'Mally because the pair has “unbeatable chemistry”. Her favorite female performer is Riley Reid because she’s exactly as sweet and awesome as Gia imagined she would be.

Gia’s fans mean “absolutely everything” to her and she always makes time to connect with them, because she realizes that without them she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the wonderful life she has.

Gia says that she has much better sex off camera than on it because porn is a job and her off-camera sex is more pleasurable because it’s personal. In her private life, Gia loves rough sex, mixed in with a bit of “sweet stuff” now and then.

Gia masturbates every day with her hands and doesn’t watch porn in her personal life. When a guy cums, she loves taking it in her mouth and doesn’t mind what size a guy’s dick is as long as he is a good lover. In a man, Gia looks for someone who can make her laugh and put up with her shit.

The kinkiest thing Gia has done recently in her personal life was give one of her friends a blowjob on a red-eye domestic flight. If she could fuck any celebrity it would be Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Gia is a passionate reader and painter. She loves painting trees and whatever else pops into her head. Her favorite book of all time is Freakshow by James St James, and her favorite movies are American Psycho, Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Johnny Darko. Gia’s favorite TV shows is Orange Is The New Black.

Currently Gia lives in Miami, Florida in a model house that is rigged up with cameras that film her and her girlfriends 24 hours a day.