What’s Your Favorite Sexual Position?

  August 14, 2017

Everyone loves to fuck, yet everyone enjoys it in their own unique way as Alix explained in her recent blog post. Each person has their own individual preferences when it comes to sex, but even more specifically when it comes to the best positions to get the job done. Some men demand to be on top at all times so they can exert their dominance over their partner. Some women just want to ride their man like a cowgirl so they can dictate the rhythm with their hips. The point is that there are tons of great ways to get down, so @TheFACrew has put together a list of a few popular positions for you to enjoy. Just to be clear, this list isn’t based on rankings because there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to which position is best. Everyone is different, and we all have our favorites when it comes to doing the nasty. Check out this FuckingAwesome list and let us know which sexual positions you can’t live without!

Doggy Style

You knew it was going to be on the list. Let’s face it, Doggy Style is a classic that everyone loves. The girl bent over with her back arched and ass in the air. The guy from behind, one hand on her hips and the other pulling her hair to show he’s in control. There’s just something about this position that brings out our animalistic nature. Just watch Aubrey Sinclair and Chad White as they do Doggy Style proud, starting at the 22:30 mark of “Come Home”, a video from the FuckingAwesome Original Series, “Sexual Harmony”.


Probably one of the oldest and most common ways to fuck, the Missionary position is popular for a reason; it’s simple, fun and feels great! One of the best things about the Missionary position is you can lock eyes with your partner and watch as they moan and squirm in pleasure. You don’t have to take our word for it, check out Janice Griffith and Mick Blue in “House Sitter Janice Gets Fucked by her Daddy’s Friend“. You can skip ahead to 29:45 and watch Janice laying on her back as her petite frame gets fucked while her eyes stay fixed on the guy giving it to her.


A very popular position with the ladies, women enjoy getting on top of their man and taking control of things with the rhythm of their hips. For men, it’s a nice break to just lay back and look up at these gorgeous creatures bouncing on your dick. Aaliyah Hadid shows she knows exactly how to ride a dick at the 12:45 point of “Housewife Aaliyah Gives her Driver a Special Tip“. Watch as she straddles Ramon Nomar in the kitchen, her perky tits bouncing as her ass moves up and down his huge shaft. Now that is one tip we would take any day!


A morning sex special, this position is a great way to start your day. You wake up with some morning wood resting gently against your partner’s ass, so why not just slide it in and enjoy a little morning delight! It’s a great angle for deep penetration and leaves the man with a free hand to rub the girl’s clit or give her ass a good smack. Not just for mornings, spooning sex can be fun any time of day, as shown by Honey Gold and Alex Legend. Watch as they get it done from their sides starting at the 21:45 mark in the “Sexual Harmony” video, “Dreaming“.

These positions are just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless ways to have sex and every person has their own preferences. The real question is what position is YOUR favorite? Drop it in the comments!


Doggy Style

Doggy Style - FuckingAwesome.com