Come Home

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Duration: 32:28

  May 01, 2022
Aubrey Sinclair just wants her man Chad White to Come Home from the army. As Aubrey goes about her daily routine she finds that even the simplest things have lost all meaning. As she heads out to the water and swims to the other end Aubrey comes out of the water to find Chad standing at the end of the water in his uniform. Aubrey can't believe her eyes and within moments Chad and Aubrey and having passionate sex, the kind that only happens when you thought you may never see your partner again. When it's over Aubrey finds herself in the water day dreaming and no sign of Chad in sight.
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  • wrote 2493 days ago

    Chad White I am so jealous! You get all the hot girls. Aubrey is amazing I follow all her socials!

  • wrote 2538 days ago

    Wow this scene is AMAZING! I love the music videos too, so awesome

  • wrote 2547 days ago

    Aubrey has always been the girl who's always smiling; what was unique in this video in the beginning her facial expressions conveyed the anguish over her lover being away. She has mastered the ability to communicate non verbally. this is the essence of acting. Porn is full of beautiful women who love to have sex. Aubrey can carry it to the next dimension and create a believable character, the viewed can love.