August Ames


Profile Views: 103687

August Ames

Profile Views: 103687

DOB: 08/23/1994
HEIGHT: 5ft 6 in (1.67 m)
WEIGHT: 114 lbs (52 kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
CITY: Los Angeles


August Ames was born in Nova Scotia, Canada on 23 August 1994.

This stunning import has a supermodel’s face with a playmate’s ass and perfect 32DD all-natural breasts. August is also an up and coming superstar, with an AVN nomination for "Best New Starlet" in 2015 and "Female Performer of the Year" nominations in 2016 and 2017.

Although she was originally born in Nova Scotia, August was an army brat so she moved around a lot while she was growing up. While she started high school as a sweet and quiet "little loser", her self-confidence grew as her body began to develop. August soon got into cheerleading which introduced her to a new social circle and lived to party on the weekend.

August would use her beauty and her newfound power over guys to get whatever she wanted and she was amazed at how quickly guys would fall all over themselves to make a pretty girl smile.

By the time she finished high school, August had a "bad reputation" because she was always single and wanted to enjoy herself. By this time August was also watching solo girl porn and cartoon porn to get herself off when she was horny.

August lost her virginity at 17 to a "bad boy" in a band on a perfect summer night under the stars. Her first time hurt so much that she told him they had to break up and she was sure that from then on she would be a lesbian. Lucky for him (and us!) August tried sex a few more times and loved it. Before porn August had only two serious boyfriends because she was too busy being single and having one night stands.

August has always been a very sexual girl and she sure has some stories to tell! Before she got into porn she dated an older French woman for three months and had sex with her brothers’ best friend at a party while her brothers were in the next room — they still don’t know about it to this day.

But all that is pretty vanilla when compared to the fact that August had a super inappropriate crush on her history teacher and the feeling was mutual. Things escalated pretty quickly and before she knew it her teacher was texting her pics of his dick while she was prepping for exams. August would return the favor and tease him by sending him nudes just before she went into his classes. Although they never hooked up because August moved to another province, the whole experience was a huge turn on.

August got into the industry while she was doing small-time modeling. She’d always wanted to live in California and when she was 19 she checked out a few porn sites and clicked the "Be A Model" link on one of them. She never thought she’d be a superstar and initially was only doing it for the cash.

Her first five scenes were "just terrible" in her opinion. In her very first scene, she had a black eye from a little scuffle she had before she moved to California so the director had to shoot her from one side only! August didn’t know how to pose properly yet and says that the whole experience was a "nightmare". She’s come a long way since then, however, and now she says she’s always comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

When it comes to working with talent, August’s favorite male performers are Manuel Ferrara and Prince Yahshua. She has also loved working with Abella Danger, Janice Griffith, Carmen Caliente and Jade Nile. Professionally she loves daddy/daughter scenes and her ultimate on-camera fantasy would be to have an all-girl orgy or to have a man tie her up, choke her and then fuck the shit out of her. Although she has done anal in her personal life, August is yet to do it on camera because she is scared of having a big dick in her ass on camera and she wants to keep a "nice pretty butthole".

In her personal life August loves dirty talk, getting choked and having her hair pulled. Her favorite position is doggie, because it "feels the best" and the guy is in complete control of her. She also loves it when a guy cums all over her face and mouth but prefers it on her ass, tits and feet when she is on camera.

August loves to masturbate with her Hitachi and plays with herself about three times a week but she can pleasure herself over twelve times a week if she’s really horny. If she could fuck any female celebrity it would be Anna Kendrick, Megan Fox or Rachel McAdams, and her sexiest male celebrities are Kevin Spacey, Mark Ruffalo and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

When it comes to dating, August looks for guys who are honest, intelligent, funny, and kind-hearted — she doesn’t find looks that important. She also looks for a guy with big, strong hands because it makes her feel like the guy can pick her up and carry her off.

When she isn’t blowing our minds on the set of a FuckingAwesome shoot, August like to tan, get her nails done, eat out, and catch up on her favorite movies and TV shows. She’s also an accomplished cook and loves to listen to country music and hip hop. Her favorite movies are Natural Born Killers, White Oleander and anything created by Marvel such as the X-Men movies. She’s also a religious Dr. Phil fan and has been watching him since she was 9 years old. August also loves to play video games, with her favorite games being Grand Theft Auto and "any racing game".

In five years August wants to be starting a family, have her own website up and running, and be doing more feature dancing.

She is currently based in Los Angeles.