Casey Calvert


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Casey Calvert

Profile Views: 46965

DOB: 03/17/1990
HEIGHT: 5ft 4 in (1.62 m)
WEIGHT: 110 lbs (50 kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
COUNTRY: Florida


Casey Calvert was born in Gainesville, Florida on 17 March 1990.

Casey is a stunning girl-next-door type babe, with an all-natural curvy body, a supermodel face and an incredible head on her pretty shoulders.

Casey grew up in Gainesville Florida and describes herself as a "shy tomboy". Growing up, she was very into sports such as gymnastics and rock climbing and while she had a small group of friends, she was pretty quiet at school. Once Casey graduated high-school, she went to study at the University of Florida, where she got her degree in film and graduated with the highest honors — she also managed to become the national collegiate rock-climbing champion!

Casey got into porn in the spring of her junior year in college after she met the "right people at the right time", as she was beginning to explore her sexuality. These friends told her she was pretty enough to be a model and she soon unexpectedly became a traveling fetish model for a "crazy" year and a half in her senior year. During this time, she did shoots for "every type of fetish imaginable", with her craziest shoot involving her being in the ocean where she was required to wear a SCUBA tank and snorkel and masturbate at the bottom of the sea.

Casey lost her virginity when she was 21 to a 48-year-old truck driver who took her anal virginity before he took her actual virginity in a hotel room. Casey is hugely attracted to older men, so this was a dream come true. Casey was a bit of a late bloomer sexually. Before she got into porn she had only slept with eight guys and had only kissed one guy by 21. In fact, she didn’t hook up with a guy or girl until she was invited to a fetish party through her modeling friends, where she hit it off with another sexy girl and the two ended up having sex later that night.

Casey got into porn after doing fetish modeling and realizing how much she loved it. She also realized that she was an exhibitionist who got off on other people getting off while watching her. Casey wanted to get into porn since she was young but would always talk herself out of it because she came from a very conservative family. Once she made the decision to do it, she said "fuck it" and got in touch with Mark Spiegler. The rest as they say, is history.

Casey got her porn name from the two initials K and C which are the initials of her celebrity crushes as a child. Her last name "Calvert", comes from a college professor who was very open-minded and taught her an eye-opening class about porn.

Casey’s first time on camera was pretty nerve-wracking but as soon as she started having sex, she forgot about her nerves and totally loved the experience. She was also really nervous for her first anal scene because she didn’t think the guy’s cock would fit inside her butt, but it did, and she had a great time.