Cleo Vixen


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Cleo Vixen

Profile Views: 29203

DOB: 09/22/1995
HEIGHT: 5ft 1 in (1.54 m)
WEIGHT: 99 lbs (45 kg)
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Green


Cleo Vixen was born on 22 September 1995 in Los Angeles, California.

Cleo grew up by the beach in SoCal where she was raised by parents who were “total hippies”. Cleo’s parents homeschooled her and let her choose whatever religion she wanted and gave her free reign to pursue whatever subjects she was interested in.

Cleo started masturbating and watching porn at 14 and grew up watching Sasha Grey and Stoya videos. She has always had a thing for women and lost her virginity to another woman when she was 15 when she had a threesome with her girlfriend and a friend. While she preferred women, Cleo also had sex with around five guys before she got into porn.

Cleo got into porn because she had always liked sex and being on camera. One day she sent photos into a few agencies. The agency she was most interested in got in touch, and before she knew it she was on her way to her first shoot a few days later.

Cleo came up with the first part of her stage name after meeting a really hot girl called Cleo. She also chose it because she has always admired the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. She came up with the second part of her name after discussing it with her friends who all agreed that “Vixen” was the name for her.

Cleo was really nervous when it came to her first shoot which was a girl on girl scene. All her initial nerves were for nothing however, because the girl she worked with made her really comfortable and was super sweet. Cleo says she has no problems cumming while shooting because she is naturally a very sexual person and she likes getting lost in the moment. She prefers working with older guys and loves it when a guy pops on her tits or stomach. Her favorite sexual position is cowgirl, because she gets to watch her partner’s facial expressions and that turns her on.

Cleo masturbates with her vibrator at least a couple of times a week. In the future, she would like to work with Mia Khalifa or Tori Black and she would also like to shoot a scene in an elevator or by the beach.

Away from the camera, Cleo is a talented singer, songwriter, and actress. She also enjoys hanging out with friends, surfing, hiking, camping and working on her website. Cleo’s favorite TV show is Skins and she likes eating anything healthy and vegetarian like Thai food, burritos, and sushi.

In five years Cleo sees herself going to college and starting a homeless shelter for teens in LA.

She currently lives in the Los Angeles area.