Honey Gold


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Honey Gold

Profile Views: 63229

DOB: 09/07/1993
HEIGHT: 5ft 4 in (1.62 m)
WEIGHT: 121 lbs (55 kg)
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown


Honey Gold was born on 9 July 1993 in the northern United States.

Honey is truly one in a million. She has a bubbly personality, a genuine love of sex and a zest for life that is second to none. Honey is also the perfect looking “alt-porn” girl. She is an exotic black, Cherokee Indian, Mongolian and Irish mix and she has a petite frame, perfect tits and a stunning face.

Honey moved around a lot as a kid and was homeschooled throughout middle school and high school. She grew up in a “very sheltered” Christian home with “hardcore Christian” parents and was heavily involved with the church and community work. Although she was a model student and very obedient, one day when she was 18 she got fed up with all the rules and decided to run away and see if she could survive in the real world.

Honey lost her virginity at 19. Coming from a Christian background she always thought she would save herself for marriage but soon got tired of waiting for “Mr Right” so she decided to fuck one of her co-workers at the local Chick-fil-a where she worked. Honey also loves the ladies and her first time with a girl was when she was 13. Initially, it all started with kissing and some light petting, but pretty soon Honey moved to scissoring and eating out her girlfriends.

After she left home, Honey worked a string of odd jobs including working in architecture, medical billing, coding, and food service. Although she gained some great experience, Honey hated the grind of the 9 to 5 and became bored and unhappy with her life. She decided to try freelance nude modeling and got into fetish shoots which she enjoyed. Through this work, Honey met fellow adult performer and current boyfriend Johnny Sins, who told her about what it was like to work in the adult industry.

Honey had always thought about getting into the industry but never pulled the trigger. One day she got sick of sitting on the fence and decided to take the plunge. She got in touch with one of the best-known agents in the industry, had an interview and was booked for her first shoot soon after.

Honey absolutely loves working in the industry and tries to give it her all in every scene. She also loves the fact that she gets paid to have a great time and explore her sexuality.

Honey was incredibly nervous for her first scene because she had only ever had sex with two other people, both of whom she dated. She freaked out a few times during the shoot because the director was also the male performer’s husband, but the couple were cool and supportive and made her feel very comfortable. Once she was relaxed, Honey’s inner performer came out and she nailed the scene and came multiple times.

Honey settled on the name “Gold” as a tribute to her favorite song “Burning Gold” by Christina Perri. She mulled over a few different first names and settled on the name “Honey” because people were always telling her that her skin was like Honey.

Honey’s favorite sexual position is doggie style because she can reach around and play with her clit while getting fucked from behind and she can feel the guy’s balls slapping against her. Honey also loves working with older men and women because they can read a person quickly and know exactly how to get someone off.

Nothing gets Honey off quicker than someone kissing her neck while they finger her. Other types of foreplay irritate her because she gets impatient and wants to get fucked as soon as possible. Honey says she is natural submissive but that she also enjoys being dominant. She masturbates five to six time a day with her Shibari vibrator.

When a guy cums Honey likes it on her face or tongue and she tries getting as much cum into her mouth as possible because she loves playing with it and letting it dribble down her breasts. Honey also loves anal and she does a lot of it in her personal life and is looking forward to doing it on camera in the future.

In her private life, Honey looks for a guy who likes to stay in shape, has a great personality, likes trying new things and who doesn’t mind her practicing her blowjob skills on him.

When she isn’t on set distracting the FuckingAwesome crew with her stunning body and mesmerizing sexuality, Honey goes to the gym, enjoys trying new foods, spends time with her pets and goes shopping for lingerie. Her favorite food is oysters and she likes listening to electronic dance music. Her favorite TV shows are Rick and Morty and anything on Adult Swim.

Honey currently lives in LA, with a grouchy old cat and a Pug Puppy called Pit.