Marica Hase


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Marica Hase

Profile Views: 34272

DOB: 09/26/1981
HEIGHT: 5ft 1 in (1.54 m)
WEIGHT: 95 lbs (43 kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown


Marica Hase, was born in Tokyo, Japan on 26 September 1981.

This stunning Japanese babe was the first Japanese star to become the "Penthouse Pet of the Month" in 2012. Since she came from Japan to America in 2013, Marica has built up a large and dedicated following. She has a petite frame, perfect breasts with pointy nipples, and desire to please.

Marica grew up in Tokyo, Japan and has lived there most of her life. She went to a "very strict" girls only high-school, where she never had the chance to meet guys and where girls would be expelled if they were caught hanging out with them. In high-school she was "super shy".

Marica first had sex when she was 17 and she pretended not to be a virgin so the older guy she was with didn't think she was inexperienced. She loved the sex and from then on she started watching porn but would skip sex scenes so she could enjoy the pretty girls stripping and teasing.

Marica became an actress straight out of high-school, getting small roles in TV shows and doing modelling for magazines. She got into porn when one of the biggest porn studios in Japan announced they were was holding an audition to find their next contract star. Marica wasn't particularly interested in the sex, but she jumped at the opportunity and wanted to challenge herself - it's no surprise that she won the competition!

Her first porn shoot was her own showcase. Although she was extremely nervous, Marica enjoyed everything about the shoot and she hasn't looked back since. Marica did porn in Japan for five years before coming to America to take her career to the next level.

The first time Marica had sex with a non-Japanese guy was when she came to work in the USA. In her early scenes she couldn't speak English so she had do use a dictionary to simply communicate on set! The studios got her an interpreter soon after.

Marica shoots with both men and women. She enjoys working with men because she always cums, and likes working with women because they are so beautiful and complicated.

Marica's favorite scenes are romantic and BDSM scenes. Her personality on set is "small and shy", but in real life Marica says she has a "stronger" sexual persona.

Marica especially likes the adventure of shooting in America and the way American viewers openly embrace porn. She also loves to interact with her fans in person and through social media. Marica has never said no to a scene, because she loves to challenge herself in everything she does.

On camera, Marica loves bukkake because it is a traditional Japanese fetish and she says that it "feels like a dream". She also loves it because she is a natural submissive and considers herself to be an "authentic" Japanese porn star. In Japan Marica has done bukkake shoots with over 100 guys and is looking forward to doing a big bukkake scene in the US.

Marica also loves double penetration because "two is obviously better than on", and she loves the feeling of two dicks inside her and knowing that she is turning on two men at once. She calls gang bangs a "buffet" because she can sample all kinds of dick at once.

In her private life, Marica loves having sex on her bed which has light pink sheets. Her favorite position is missionary with choking, because she can feel and see her partner with her eyes, neck, hands, and pussy.

Marica masturbates once or twice a week and loves it when a guy gives her a creampie. She also enjoys swallowing, and loves to keep sucking dick while she swallows a load.

Interestingly, the main quality Marica looks for in a sexual partner is rope-tying skills, and she has a weakness for guys who know how to properly tie up a girl for bondage.

In her spare time Marica enjoys cooking Japanese food, writing in her dream diary, and connecting with fans on social media. Her favorite TV show is "anything on the Food Network".

Marica currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her cat Tenn.