Skyla Novea


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Skyla Novea

Profile Views: 99210

DOB: 07/05/1994
HEIGHT: 5ft 4 in (1.63 m)
WEIGHT: 114lbs (52 kg)
HAIR: Auburn
EYES: Brown


Skyla Novea was born on 7 May 1994.

Skyla is a stunning natural redhead with 34DD breasts, an insatiable sexual appetite and an ass you’d lick whipped cream off for days. After making just 5 adult films when she was 18, Skyla decided to pursue other interests. Fortunately for all of us she returned at 21 and her career has gone from strength to since then.

Skyla grew up in a small town in South Carolina in a “very churchgoing” family. She was very shy and quiet in school and was even too scared to hold a guy’s hand when she started dating. Skyla lost her virginity when she was 16 to her first boyfriend who was also a virgin. She says that neither of them really knew what they were doing so their first time was awkward with “lots of laughing and head bumping”.

Skyla was a genuine “fresh face” when she got into the industry at 18, and she had only ever slept with a single guy in her whole life. She decided to take a break from porn after just a few videos because she wanted to pursue other interests and felt she was shooting with “the wrong people” and wasn’t happy with the quality of work she was producing. Skyla made a comeback when she was 21 and has since made a point of only working with people who produce great work.

Skyla says she loves working in the industry because she gets to have great sex with amazing people and she can be financially independent without relying on anyone. When a guy cums, Skyla prefers it on her tits or her ass and her favorite sexual position is reverse cowgirl because she can take control of the motion and bounce her ass up and down on a guy’s dick however she wants.

Skyla is also a huge fan of masturbating because it clears her head and helps her deal with stress. She also likes the fact that her dildo doesn’t need “after-sex small talk” and that “it never complains and only satisfies”.

In her private life, Skyla says she doesn’t have many one night stands because she doesn’t want to sleep with people that haven’t been tested. She also says that she is more traditional when it comes to dating outside of the industry and that she likes to take things slowly.

Skyla calls herself “the most spontaneous person in the world” and says she does crazy, unbelievable stuff every day. In her spare time Skyla enjoys listening to hip hop and classical music, making funny videos, watching basketball, going on “random adventures” and hanging out with her friends. Skyla’s favorite food “by far” is spicy ribs.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.