Steve Holmes


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Steve Holmes

Profile Views: 12162

DOB: 09/03/1962
HEIGHT: 6ft 1 in (1.85 m)
WEIGHT: 165 lbs (75 kg)
HAIR: Grey
EYES: Blue
CITY: Los Angeles
COUNTRY: Romania
ALSO KNOWN AS: Kris Cristoph, Steve, Kris Cristof, Chris Long


Steve Homes was born on 23 March 1961 in Sibiu, Romania.

Steve is a living porn legend and has shot thousands of scenes with some of the most beautiful women on earth including Alexa Thomas, Silvia Saint and Sandra Romain. He has fucked over 4000 women and is famous for his love of all types of sex and his huge 9" penis.

Steve has always loved sex and lost his virginity at 13. By 19 he was a fully-fledged deviant and was trying to get off in any way he could. Steve loved getting laid so much that when he was young, he would let gay men suck him off for money so he could go and spend his earnings on prostitutes. Steve has tried it all in his personal life, fucking BBW’s, 70+ year-old women, men and trans-women.

Steve’s first performance was in a porn theatre where a girl was masturbating for the crowd. She asked for someone from the front row to come up on the stage and fuck her. Initially there were no takers, so Steve volunteered and put on such as show that he received a standing ovation from the audience. Several appreciative spectators who were also businessmen liked the performance so much that they bought him a very expensive bottle of champagne.

Steve got into porn much later than most and was an executive at a large German computer company for many years. During this time, Steve was in the swinging scene and frequently had wild sex with prostitutes and other women on his business trips. One of Steve’s fondest memories of his business trip escapades, was in the early 80’s in Montevideo in Uruguay, where he fucked an older prostitute who had a glass eye and a wooden leg in the ass for $2.

At 36, Steve realized that it was now or never and got in touch with someone in the industry who lined him up with his first amateur porn scene. Steve loved working so much that he soon quit his job to pursue his passion full time.

While initially Steve had to pay his dues by banging ugly women and shooting 7 hour sex scenes, Steve’s love for the job shone through and he was soon being invited to shoot in LA on bigger and better shoots. The thing Steve loves most about working in the industry is the sex with the money coming second. His favorite male stars are Eric Everhard, Manuel Ferrara and Tony Ribas. Steve is famous for never divulging his favorite female pornstars and claims he loves each one equally in the moment.

Steve splits his time between Stuttgart, Budapest and LA.