Tommy Gunn


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Tommy Gunn

Profile Views: 15194

DOB: 01/05/1968
HEIGHT: 5ft 8 in (1.73 m)
WEIGHT: 185 lbs (84 kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
CITY: Cherry Hill
COUNTRY: New Jersey
ALSO KNOWN AS: Thomas Gunn, Tommy Gun


Tommy Gunn was born on 13 May 1967 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Tommy is an adult film industry legend, with over 1214 adult films and 10 AVN awards (including two for "Male Performer of the Year"), to his name. Tommy has worked with everybody from AVN hall of famers like Jesse Jane and Tera Patrick, to the new generation of superstars such as Sasha Grey, Riley Reid, and Adriana Chechik.

Growing up, Tommy loved soccer, BMX bike riding, and motorcycles. He says that he was kind of shy in high school and a "late bloomer" who lost his virginity "late" at 17.

After high school, Tommy played in a band and worked as a motorcycle mechanic. He began to hit the gym when he was 23 because he realized that most girls liked guys who worked out. Once he was buff enough, Tommy started attending bodybuilding competitions, where he met somebody who encouraged him to get into male stripping.

Tommy worked as a male stripper for several years, doing hens nights and shows all around the country. During this time, he became friends with a girl who was doing porn, and after Tommy mentioned that he was curious about the industry, she offered to take him to Los Angeles and show him around so he could see what the lifestyle was like.

In LA, Tommy met an established porn actor and they hit it off immediately. Tommy contemplated getting into the industry then and there, but was hesitant because he knew that once he started performing on camera, there would be no going back.

After thinking about it for four years, Tommy decided to take the plunge at 36 because he was sick of having a dead end job and wanted to try something new. His actor friend introduced him to the right people at an industry event, and he was booked for his first scene shortly after that.

Tommy’s first scene was a blowjob in a laundromat. Although he was initially nervous when he got to the set, everyone was really cool and the actress he was working with made him feel comfortable. Tommy performed well in the shoot and he remembers looking up at the ceiling thinking that it was crazy that he was getting paid to do something he gladly would have done for free!

Tommy got his stage name when a friend who hadn’t seen him for a long time, saw that he had been working out and said he had such big "guns" that he should be called "Tommy Gunn".

Tommy says he has accomplished everything on his porn bucket list. His favorite type of films to shoot are porn action films, because he’s always been a huge action movie fan. Tommy doesn’t have any "favorite actresses" to work with, but says that he enjoys working with anyone who is really into the scene and loves to have sex.

When he isn’t railing hall of fame actresses or nubile new talent, Tommy enjoys hiking, riding his Harleys, and camping in his zombie-proof camper van.

Tommy currently lives in Los Angeles, California with his two beloved Dachshunds.