Alexa Grace


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Alexa Grace

Profile Views: 40351

DOB: 04/11/1994
HEIGHT: 5ft 9 in (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 128 lbs (58 kg)
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Green


Alexa Grace was born in Red Bank, New Jersey on 4 November 1994.

In high school Alexa was a "popular girl", who participated in sports including cheerleading and martial arts.

Alexa lost her virginity when she was 15 to her long-term boyfriend after months of "fooling around". One day the couple asked themselves "where can we go from here?" and sex was the only answer!

After she broke up with her long-term boyfriend, Alexa began to experiment with her sexuality including hooking up with girls in her sophomore year of high school. It wasn't long before Alexa got a bit of a reputation for sleeping around.

Alexa got into the adult industry while she was in college after she tried her hand at mainstream modelling. Alexa was always a little too short and her juicy ass was not what casting agents were after. She moved on to artistic nude modelling and was soon getting a lot of porn offers. Alexa decided to try porn the day after Thanksgiving, when she went with a friend to the mall and her car wouldn't start. Alexa had $50 to her name and nothing else, and she needed money in a short amount of time so she called her agent and said she was ready to give porn a try.

Alexa's original stage name was "Renee Mari" but she absolutely hated it. After watching a movie where the heroine's name was Alexa, she decided to use that name and combine it with the last name "Grace".

Alexa absolutely hated her very first scene because it was located far away and the crew were unorganized and kept taking breaks to smoke weed. Even though it wasn't an ideal start to the industry, Alexa needed cash and it was the only job she could find to fit around her studies so she kept at it.

Alexa's favorite position is doggy style because it shows off her ass to its full potential. She also likes the reverse cowgirl position because then she is in control of the action. Alexa's favorite adult stars are Mia Malkova and Christy Mack.

In her private life what turns Alexa on depends on the day and her mood, sometimes she likes it rough and dirty and at other times she wants a gentle lover. But no matter what her mood, Alexa loves to have her nipples bitten. She also likes it when a guy cums in her mouth because she loves to swallow a guy's load. Alexa loves to use her Hitachi to make herself cum at least once every other day.

Alexa looks for a man who is tall and has a good personality and sense of humor - if you can make Alexa laugh the panties are coming off!

In her spare time, Alexa likes to draw, paint, and cook. Her favorite movie is Forest Gump and she is a huge Call of Duty fan.

In five years Alexa wants to be making her way up in the mainstream film industry as a camera operator. She doesn't consider herself a "lifer" and is doing porn to support herself until she can find a solid job in film. Alexa also likes to keep up with current events and enjoys reading magazines such as Vice and other current affair publications to stay on top of world events.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her Beagle Sadie and an old cat named Tipsy.