Blair Williams


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Blair Williams

Profile Views: 62663

DOB: 03/28/1994
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue


Blair Williams was born on 28 March 1994 in Loma Linda, California.

Blair has always been a California girl and grew up moving between the LA suburbs and Southern California. Blair was educated in a private school and was a devout Christian growing up. She loved going to church and would go even when her parents didn’t. Blair had planned to save herself until marriage and didn’t even kiss a guy until she was 14.

While she was a good girl on the outside and a star-student, Blair loved masturbating and would sometimes spend all weekend secretly watching porn and getting herself off. When her pussy got numb from playing with toys, she would lay under the bathtub faucet and let the water hit her clit until she came. When that also made her numb, she would jump in the shower and alternate the water between really hot and really cold to shock her clit into feeling something!

When it came to sex, Blair says she did things “ass backwards” — literally! In college, she dated a “kinda nerdy and inexperienced white guy” and gave him her ass cherry before having vaginal sex because she wanted to get the scariest part over with first. One night while she was giving the guy a blowjob, Blair asked him if he wanted to fuck her in the ass and (surprise surprise) he said “hell yes”.

Blair lost her virginity to the same guy just before she turned 19 and she enjoyed it so much that once she was single she went on a “fuck fest”, and fucked at least 10 guys in the next few months.

Blair got into the industry while she was in college and working as a nursery teacher at her local church. She saw an ad for the web series “The Sex Factor” and decided to apply because she loved sex and had a feeling she would get off on other people watching her. Blair got a call from the producers the next day, and they asked her to meet for an audition. Blair went on to win the show and won a total prize package of $1 million!

Blair came up with her stage name because she had always been a fan of Jessie Andrews and wanted a classy “non-pornee” name. She says she has always been the “girl next door” and wanted her stage name to reflect that.

Her favourite position on camera is reverse cowgirl, because she is flexible and can turn around and still kiss the guy she is fucking. Blair loves giving blow jobs even more than she loves having sex, because knowing she’s making another person cum is a massive turn on for her. She also loves it when a guy cums on her face and she likes working with older men because they are more experienced and know how to get her off.

Professionally she would like to try a DP scene in the future, because she would enjoy the feeling of being stimulated and pleasured at the same time and it is a personal fantasy of hers.

Blair’s favourite position in her private life is doggy style because she loves her face being smushed into the pillows and loves having no control while a guy takes his pleasure from behind. Her favorite sexual memory was the time she asked a guy what his wildest fantasy was and he told her it was to be pegged in the ass by a girl wearing a strap on. After Blair fucked him up against a washing machine, he gave her the strapon as a souvenir. Blair says she still uses it on herself when she is feeling naughty!

Blair is currently single and has several fuck buddies that she has on rotation. She also masturbates a lot and has had to claim the factory warranty on several of her sex toys because she uses them so much. Blair prefers to date tall guys who can control her in the bedroom and who can hold her down and do whatever they want to her. She also likes a “manly man”, with good conversational skills that keep her mentally stimulated.

When she isn’t over at the FuckingAwesome pad blowing our minds, Blair moonlights as a nanny, relaxes on the beach, goes for long walks, snowboards and volunteers.

Her favorite type of music is electronic dance music, house music and anything from the 80s. Her favorite movies are White Oleander and Lucy and her favorite TV shows are American Dad, Family Guy, and The Cleveland Show. Blair’s favorite foods are sushi and Chipolte.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.