Derrick Ferrari


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Derrick Ferrari

Profile Views: 21064

HEIGHT: 5ft 7 in (1.73 m)
WEIGHT: 165 lbs (75 kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown


Derick Ferrari is a 29 year old ex-Marine and MMA fighter who has recently taken the adult industry by storm. Derrick is a unique combination of charisma, classic good looks, and consummate professionalism.

He got his start in the industry when he answered an online advertisement looking for male adult performers. Derrick sent through a few pictures and was quickly booked for his first shoot. He made a point of learning the "ins and outs" of the porn game as quickly as possible, and says that since his first shoot things have been "pretty non-stop".

Derrick treats his job in porn as a "profession". He does his research, studies films, and models himself on the best and most successful male talent. Derrick doesn't watch porn for his own pleasure, but rather studies it to learn as much as he can about performing. He also understands the importance of staying in top condition "to stand out in the crowd", and says that his guiding principle in the industry is to "always perform for the audience and not yourself".

Derrick enjoys working with female performers who love to have sex, are passionate about their work, and who are generally pleasant to hang out with behind the scenes. He tries to stay away from performers who "act like starlets" and are there "just for a pay day".

Derrick's favorite type of porn to shoot is "gonzo" porn because it is "simple and easy work" and most closely matches real sex.

Derrick is well-known for his dominance when it comes to his sex scenes. He says that this is who he is on and off set and his confidence comes from a combination of having a military background, having been injured while in Iraq, and being an MMA fighter.

When he isn't railing the hottest girls in porn, Derrick enjoys going to the gym, living a healthy lifestyle, and preparing for MMA fights. He is also a student of business and investing, and says he has plans to invest outside of the industry in the near future to set himself up financially.