Joseline Kelly


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Joseline Kelly

Profile Views: 36547

DOB: 03/22/1997
HEIGHT: 5ft 4 in (1.63 m)
WEIGHT: 106lb (48 kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Hazel


19 year old Joseline Kelly was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 22 May 1997.

She’s a 5 ft 4 in, 106 lb brunette, with handful sized natural breasts, a tiny frame and an insatiable sex drive.

At 14 Joseline dropped out of high school to get her GED to go to college more quickly and get her Doctorate so she could work in the aerospace industry like several of her family members who work for NASA. After doing this for a while, she dropped her studies to pursue music as she was unhappy and wasn’t interested in being stuck in an office in a serious scientific job.

Joseline seemed destined to work in the adult industry, both of her parents were models and her mum also worked in the industry as a Playboy model and dancer. Joseline got into porn after talking to a friend in the industry and before she knew it she was shooting her first extreme scene for Team Skeet.

Joseline lost her virginity when she was 13 to an older boyfriend who propositioned her. She says the experience was pretty average, but after that the floodgates were open. Before she had shot her first porn scene, she had already slept with 18 men and had done a DP with two of her male friends at 17.

In her short time in the industry, Joseline has already worked with porn legends such as Lexington Steele, James Dean and Mandingo and has shot a number of hardcore anal, interracial and group sex scenes.

Anal is no big deal for Joseline, she’s always loved it and first tried it when she was 14 and she doesn’t have a problem taking big dicks.

Joseline is naturally submissive in the bedroom and never needs to masturbate because she always has a rotation of guys on booty call for when she feels like sex. She has a thing for "foreign men".

In her downtime she enjoys making all types of music from rap to salsa, travelling and eating vanilla ice cream. While she doesn’t like watching mainstream movies because they are too predictable, she enjoys indie films and cartoons.

She is currently working around the clock and is looking forward to doing her first big gangbang soon.