Justin Hunt


Profile Views: 27003

Justin Hunt

Profile Views: 27003

DOB: 07/12/1990
HEIGHT: 6ft 2 in (1.84 m)
WEIGHT: 165lbs (75 kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown


Justin Hunt was born on 31 December 1988 in Palm Springs, California.

Known for his boyish good looks, huge dick and clean-cut image, Justin has already notched up 400 scenes and is busy making a name for himself in the industry.

Justin got into porn one day when he was hiking with his sister and porn superstar Mia Malkova. They got to comparing sex stories and pretty soon it was obvious that Mia always had the better stories. She also told Justin how much fun life in the industry was and convinced him to give porn a go. Mia made a few calls and Justin was booked for his first scene soon after.

Justin’s first job was a POV scene in a car with a younger girl whose 50-year-old boyfriend insisted on being there and watching the whole thing. While Justin had a lot of fun he says it could never get more awkward than that, and that it has all been uphill from there!

Justin loves working in the industry and says that for him porn is “really easy” because it only requires him to “lay down and have a boner”. He also never struggles to get wood because he finds “everything about women” attractive. Justin most enjoys shooting voyeur sex and public porn scenes because he likes the “creepy feeling” of someone watching him have sex. His says his favorite place to pop is inside a woman because he finds creampies so intimate.

In his private sex life, Justin is a giver and he enjoys a “balance between romantic sex and the rough stuff”. He says that since he started porn there has been more pressure in his personal sex life because women now expect him to put in epic sexual performances with lots of rough sex and crazy sexual positions. Justin says that this is one of the reasons he hasn’t been dating or sleeping with anybody outside of the industry lately.

When he isn’t getting paid to rail stunning girls and get his rocks off on camera, Justin enjoys hiking, hanging out with friends, following the NFL and surfing.

He currently lives in Riverside, California.