Khloe Kapri


Profile Views: 15435

Khloe Kapri

Profile Views: 15435

DOB: 10/13/1997
HEIGHT: 5ft 3 in (1.60 m)
WEIGHT: 108lbs (49 kg)
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue


Born in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 13th, 1997, Khloe Kapri is an intelligent, young girl with quite the wild side when she gets in front of a camera. If you like petite, all-natural blondes, Khloe is the girl you’ve been waiting for. This little hottie has a real cute and innocent quality about her, but don’t let that fool you because she can take a pounding with the best of them. Khloe has only been in the industry since 2016, but she has already made quite the name for herself and stars in in variety of genres such as threesome, hardcore, lesbian and big dick.

While she may be able to make a living with her amazing body, she still recognizes the importance of education, having graduated from high school and attended university as an architecture major. Although she has yet to complete her studies, she fully plans to finish her education and earn her degree.

A career in porn is not exactly a typical path for a girl growing up in Ohio, but that was not going to stop Khloe from doing her thing. She got her first chance to break into the world of porn through one of her girlfriends who worked in the industry, Kelly Green. The idea of fucking on camera definitely peaked Khloe’s interest, but she still wanted to have her own fun in college first. Eventually she came around and decided it was time to give porn a shot. At first she thought it would just be a fun thing to try over spring break, but she quickly fell in love with it and now she’s obsessed with fucking on camera.

She may have come out of her shell when she first got on set, but this little naughty blonde has always had the moves to make the boys want her. A self-proclaimed slut in high school, Khloe has plenty of great stories from over the years. Her very first time having sex was actually the first time she had ever met the guy! She was out on a double date (even though her parents did not allow her to date at the time) and they ended up fooling around in a park. Before you knew it she had her tight, little jean shorts pulled to the side as she rode her date’s dick. Even an old woman walking by the park and saying hello didn’t stop them! When it comes to the craziest thing she’s ever done sexually, Khloe has a long list to choose from, but her personal favorite is sucking dick in the back of class at Sunday school. Amen to that!

When it comes to her future, Khloe is still unsure of where she’ll end up. Perhaps she’ll continue working in the industry for many years to come, or maybe she’ll head back home to Ohio and take over the family business. In the meantime, she’s going to enjoy every video she shoots and every dick she rides!