Lena Paul


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Lena Paul

Profile Views: 53503

DOB: 12/10/1993
HEIGHT: 5ft 4 in (1.63 m)
WEIGHT: 128 lbs (58 kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue


Lena Paul was born on 12 October 1993 in the Southeastern United States.

Known for her spectacular all-natural 32DDD tits, perfect body and vivacious personality, Lena has rapidly risen in popularity since starting out in the industry in 2016.

Lena was raised in a “very conservative” family and grew up in a small town in Georgia before moving all over the Southeast. Lena says she was the definition of an “early bloomer” and that she started getting breasts when she was only eight years old. She says she had double D’s by the time she was 11 or 12 and that she had the full body of a woman soon after. Lena lost her virginity when she was 19 to her high-school sweetheart, and says she was very careful about choosing who to lose it to because she knew all the boys were after her body.

Lena worked various odd jobs during high-school, including building computers and working as a maid at a resort. Her first car was a Chevy S-10 pick-up truck and Lena says that one of the reasons her parents liked it and allowed her to buy it, was because “it had no back seat”. After she graduated, Lena went to college at the University of Louisville in Kentucky and finished her degree at a college in Florida, because she wanted to be closer to her long-term boyfriend who she was “madly in love with”.

After Lena and her boyfriend broke up, she says she went “kind of crazy” and slept with “about 18 or 19” guys. Lena says she tried everything including bondage, BDSM, DPs, women, orgies, and threesomes. She says the kinkiest thing she did after breaking up with her boyfriend was meeting a guy who was a salsa dancer on Tinder. Lena and her date went dancing where they met up with one of the guy’s friends. Lena ended up having a “really filthy and slutty” DP with the guy and his friend. While it wasn’t the best sexual experience of her life, Lena says that the “sluttiness of it all” really got her off.

Lena got into adult entertainment while she was working as an entrepreneur at an agricultural start-up in Central America. She got into webcamming as a way to pay her workers, and she would work on her business by day and get herself off on camera from “hotel rooms in Guatemala” by night.

Although her startup went under, Lena continued camming and soon attracted the attention of talent scouts from mainstream porn. After completing college “with a ton of debt” and discussing a potential career change with her current partner and fellow adult performer Nathan Red, Lena decided to pursue porn as a career. Lena says she was “excited” for her first scene and that she had such a great time in the lead up to shooting with the male talent, that by the time it came to fucking she wasn’t nervous at all because it felt “like fucking a friend”.

Lena’s stage name is an homage to the “old Hollywood glamour” that she loves and she chose the first name “Lena” in honor of actress “Lena Horne”. Originally Lena used the last name “Peach”, but says the name didn’t work so she changed it to “Paul” as a nod to Les Paul.

Lena says that sex work has been an “incredibly positive” lifestyle change and that she loves the freedom her job gives her to pursue side projects and set her own schedule. Lena made a deal with herself when she started out in the industry that she wouldn’t change herself for the business, and that is why she maintains a symbolic bush in most of her scenes.

Lena says that the secret to the awesome sexual chemistry in her scenes is that she makes the person she is shooting with feel like they are the sexiest thing she has ever seen. Lena’s favourite performers to shoot with are Reagan Foxx, Eliza Jane, Cassidy Klein, Lucas Frost, Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes.

Her favourite position on camera is doggy style because it shows off her body to its full advantage and her “porn party trick” is that she can suck both of her nipples at once. Lena doesn’t like overly huge cocks when it comes to vaginal sex and says she doesn’t think she will ever be able to shoot a double vag scene, because she has “a really tight pussy”. That’s not the case with anal however (thank goodness!), and Lena says she has been prepping herself for double anal by regularly fisting her asshole.

In her private life, Lena calls herself a “complete and total nymphomaniac” and she likes rough sex because it gives her an emotional release. She enjoys choking, biting spitting and getting fucked from behind. Lena also enjoys power-play focused sex and loves having BDSM sex because it “distills a person’s concentration and focuses their mind perfectly on a single moment”. Lena also loves creampies because having cum drip down her legs is “an extreme turn-on”. She also says that she “loves the taste of cum” and will swallow whenever she can.

Lena says she’s almost forgotten how to masturbate because she can have sex almost any time she wants to. When she does play with herself, Lena uses her fingers and her Hitachi and fantasizes about hardcore sex like DPs, gangbangs and intensive bondage. Lena says she enjoys tasting herself while she masturbates.

When she isn’t mesmerizing the FuckingAwesome film crew with her incredible sexual energy and bouncing DDDs, Lena enjoys cooking and go to the gym. Lena’s favorite foods are, southern soul food, Thai and sushi. Her favorite TV shows are House of Cards, the Man in the High Castle and The Wire. Lena is also an “obsessive gamer” and enjoys playing League of Legends and Skyrim.

Lena currently lives in Florida with fellow adult performer Nathan Red.