Naomi Woods


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Naomi Woods

Profile Views: 74796

DOB: 01/06/1996
HEIGHT: 5ft 5 in (1.65 m)
WEIGHT: 99 lbs (45 kg)
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Green


Naomi Woods was born in Florida on 1 June 1996.

This stunning Georgia peach has a petite frame, long blonde hair, flawless little tits, and mesmerizing green eyes. She has only been in the industry for two years but has already appeared with some of the biggest names in porn including, Manuel Ferrara, Ramon Nomar, James Deen, and JMac.

Naomi traveled a lot as a child and lived in Florida, Georgia and Oklahoma, but spent most of her teenage years in small-town Nebraska. In high school Naomi was "the rebellious type" who would frequently cut class and hang out with the cool crowd.

Growing up, Naomi loved having sex in public with her boyfriend at the time, and would pick the busiest stores with the most crowded dressing rooms and fuck in them. The possibility of getting caught and the fact that she had to be careful and quiet while having sex, were a huge turn on for Naomi — she also got off on pushing her poor boyfriend out of his comfort zone!

Naomi would also set up a lawn chair on her porch and sit on her boyfriend’s lap and fuck him while the neighbors walked past. Her signature sex trick was to give her boyfriend a handjob under a blanket while his dad sat next to them and they all watched TV on the couch.

Sexually, Naomi doesn’t consider herself "anything" when it comes to being straight, bi, or gay, and she simply prefers to hook up with whoever she is attracted to at the time. Naomi loves giving head, and says her blowjob skills and technique depend on the person she is giving head to. Having a very petite body and a small mouth means that Naomi struggles to suck really big dicks — although that doesn’t seem a problem when it comes to her tight little pussy!

Before she got into porn, Naomi worked as an extra on a number of Hollywood movies, including blockbusters such as Ant-Man, the 5th Wave, Divergent, Insurgent, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Naomi loves rock and hates country music, she "always has music on" and listens to everything from 90’s grunge rock to modern rock. If she could fuck any musician it would be Jared Leto.

When she isn’t shooting steamy scenes for, Naomi likes to go to clubs, dance, hangout with friends, and generally have a good time. She also like to read books, paint, draw, and sing and play guitar — apparently she’s also an awesome cook!

Naomi is currently based in Miami, Florida.