Riley Reid


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Riley Reid

Profile Views: 118027

DOB: 09/07/1991
HEIGHT: 5ft 4 in (1.62 m)
WEIGHT: 108 lbs (49 kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Green
CITY: Los Angeles
COUNTRY: Florida
ALSO KNOWN AS: Paige Riley, Riley Reed, Molly


Riley Reid was born in Miami Beach, Florida on 9 July 1991.

Riley is a petite and stunning little sexpot who weighs just 108 lbs and is 5ft 4 in tall. Riley has a mesmerizing energy and a sexual sparkle that can bring out the horny side in almost anyone.

She grew up around the Miami Beach area and comes from a big family. Growing up, Riley had a religious background and was a part of her local church youth group. In high-school she was an honors student who took advanced placement classes. She also got a scholarship to go to college to be a teacher but ended up studying psychology.

Riley describes herself as a "crazy sex fiend" in high-school and she was hooking up with her girlfriends in elementary and middle school all the time. In the middle of high-school Riley suddenly got very shy around other girls and switched to guys, because they were easier to have sex with. She quickly started having sex with all of her guy friends and struggled to maintain a steady boyfriend because she would always cheat.

While Riley was at college she totaled her car and didn’t have a way to get to school, so she took a break to make some money. She decided to get into stripping to make some quick cash, but soon realized she wasn’t very good at it because she was too nice to hustle customers.

After talking to one of her stripper friends, she was encouraged to get into porn. Riley got in touch with a well-known porn company in Miami and was soon cast as an extra for an "In the VIP" type scene. After being an extra a few times, she found herself wanting to do more and soon she was giving head or eating other girls out on camera.

Riley loved the porn lifestyle and getting paid to party, so she got in touch with the company to do something more hardcore and was soon cast in a group sex scene. After working for a few months, Riley became friends with a male performer who introduced her to an agent and she was soon shooting scenes in Florida and LA.

In front of the camera, Riley loves fucking in the reverse cowgirl position because everything is on show and she can use the penis deep inside her while also rubbing her clit. Her ultimate porn fantasy is to be worshipped by a roomful of at least 10 men and 10 women.

Riley is currently one of the biggest names in porn and has worked with almost every big name in the industry. She has featured in hundreds of different scenes and genres such as lesbian, boy/girl, DP, MMF, FFM, public humiliation, anal sex, gangbangs and interracial sex.

In her private life Riley is also wild. She’s blown an Uber driver just because she felt like it and gave her mechanic head for free repairs and the oldest man she’s fucked was in his late 70s. Sometimes she will go out in public with dried cum on her face for a kick and she has a rule that she never washes her face after eating pussy. Riley doesn’t masturbate much and likes to save herself for her sexual partners. If she does jill herself, she’ll be sexting another person who is also masturbating.

Away from the camera, Riley works hard on her website and plays the bass guitar. She also loves looking after her dogs, doing jigsaw puzzles, going to the beach and hanging out with friends. Riley is a huge foodie and is a seriously good cook. Her specialties include French toast, ratatouille, vegan lasagna and pistachio cake.

Riley currently lives in Los Angeles with her two dogs.