Trisha Parks


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Trisha Parks

Profile Views: 37387

DOB: 02/16/1994
HEIGHT: 5ft 5 in (1.66 m)
WEIGHT: 110lb (50 kg)
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
CITY: Las Vegas


Trisha Parks was born in the Chicago area on February 16, 1994.

She is 5ft, 5 in, weighs 110lb and has long blonde hair and big blue eyes. Trisha has 34B natural breasts, a petite figure and a gorgeous round ass.

Raised a strict Christian Baptist, Trisha had a sheltered upbringing in a small town of only 12,000 people. She went to a private Christian school that was so small her graduating class only had nine people.

Trisha’s first kiss was in the back seat of her male best friend’s car when she was a teenager and things quickly took off from there. It is no wonder she loves anal sex so much — she lost her anal virginity before she ever tried vaginal sex.

She is a natural submissive who loves a man who can take charge and dominate her. When it did come time to lose her V-plates, Trisha got off to a flying start by having sex with a dominant guy who restrained her, face fucked her and gave it to her hard and rough, which she greatly enjoyed. She quickly got tired of the "vanilla" sex the kids her age were having, and was soon experimenting with older men and hardcore BDSM sex with gags, ropes and whips.

Initially a teacher’s assistant, Trisha got into the adult industry in 2015 after a good friend of hers told her he would gladly pay to have sex with her. Trisha was shocked but it got her thinking that maybe she could have some fun and get paid for it as well.

She found herself Googling "sex for money" and had soon replied to an online casting call. She was contacted by someone in the industry and before she knew it, she’d had her pictures taken and tests done and was being shipped off to Vegas for her porn debut.

Although she had no idea what she was doing, Trisha loved her first shoot and she hasn’t looked back from there. In two short years she’s featured in dozens of productions and has shot scenes with porn superstars such as James Deen and Phoenix Marie.

Shooting with Deen has been the highlight of her career so far, as he was her favorite adult star growing up and was the only performer she watched as she found other porn too "boring". Trisha describes her two shoots with Deen as "incredible" and says that it was everything she fantasized about and more.

Away from the camera, Trisha likes going out with friends, being social and religiously goes to the gym. In her downtime she enjoys watching Criminal Minds and The Blacklist. She describes herself as "outgoing" and has a friendly and fun personality that allows her to get along with anybody. If she could fuck anybody famous it would be Tom Cruise or Ben Affleck. Trisha’s perfect date would be doing something simple with a guy who knows how to take the lead, such as riding bikes near the ocean.

Trisha couldn’t see herself anywhere else but porn and loves it so much she’d still like to be performing in 10 years.

She is currently based in Las Vegas and is looking forward to doing her first gangbang in the near future.