Cassidy Klein


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Cassidy Klein

Profile Views: 29272

DOB: 05/29/1991
HEIGHT: 5ft 1 in (1.54 m)
WEIGHT: 108 lbs (49 kg)
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown


Cassidy Klein was born on 29 May 1991 in San Francisco, California.

Cassidy is relatively new to the industry, but she is already making a name for herself thanks to her enthusiasm and energy in front of the camera.

Cassidy was born and raised in Southern California where she says she had “a typical American childhood”. In high-school Cassidy was a “straight A” student because she was put on ADD medication that allowed her to focus and concentrate on her studies. She was also a passionate dancer and was a ballerina from the ages of 3 to 18.

Cassidy lost her virginity 6 days before her 18th birthday to a guy she had been dating for several months. Cassidy “lost it late”, because she says boys didn’t like her in high-school as she was so focused on her studies and she had braces until the end of her sophomore year. The guy she lost it to was really sweet and when he asked her to prom, Cassidy was so happy that she had sex with him.

Cassidy says she was very promiscuous after she broke up with the guy she lost it to, but she kept it under wraps and only her closest girlfriends knew her dirty secrets. She would frequently masturbate to lesbian porn, and her hottest sexual experience during this time was when she fucked her best friend’s older brother while her friend was in the next room.

After high-school, Cassidy worked in retail but hated it. She then became a nanny, and while she loved the freedom and time she had to herself, she didn’t like the job instability. Cassidy took a while to figure out what she wanted to do with her life and says she spent “a lot of time and money” at community colleges before she decided on porn as a career.

Cassidy got into porn when she went on Craigslist because she had bills to pay and wanted some extra cash. She saw adult modelling agencies and got in touch with one of them. She was booked for her first shoot soon after.

Cassidy was very nervous on the way to her first shoot but once she got there and realized how professional everything was, she calmed down. She says she began to get excited once the shoot started because she realized would be able to live out her wildest sexual fantasies and get paid to do it!

Initially Cassidy went by the stage name of Bridget Bond, because she had to make up a name on the spot at her first shoot and couldn’t think of anything else. Cassidy didn’t like her name as she went on, so she spent some time thinking about it and came up with “Cassidy Klein”.

In the future, Cassidy wants to do a scene in the rain which she thinks would be really hot. In the next 5 years, she wants to have her own website up and running, and hopefully have an AVN under her belt.

Cassidy says porn helped her discover her sexuality and she still gets really excited every time she drives to a shoot. She also likes to research her partners before scenes.

When it comes to shooting, her favorite sexual position is doggie or reverse cowgirl because the camera can get a great angle for penetration and she can control the motion with her hips to make an awesome scene.

In her private life, Cassidy likes “whatever hits the deepest spot” such as missionary with a leg behind her head. She enjoys aggressive sex and also lots of “but stuff”, as well as variation. Cassidy prefers a guy to cum on her tits and ass because she loves the way the cum drips down these parts of her body.

Cassidy doesn’t care about the size of a man’s penis, but he’d better know what to do with it. Once, when she was fucking a guy in her private life and he came before she did. She was so upset with the guy that while he was in the bathroom, she got up, took her things and left.

Away from the camera, Cassidy is a “huge nature girl” and loves doing things outdoors like hiking, camping and going to the beach. She enjoys listening to any music that will make her dance and her favorite movies and TV shows are Clue the Move, Looper, Orange Is The New Black, and How I Met Your Mother.

Her favorite foods are “anything with flavour” like Mexican food, sushi, and pasta. She’s also a huge cheese lover and puts it on “absolutely everything”.