Overdue Rent

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Duration: 36:41

  September 14, 2020
The rent is overdue and Cassidy Klein knows she has to come up with a plan quick or John Strong, her landlord will kick her to the curb. Cassidy tries to talk her way out of it but John doesn't want to hear her sob stories this time. Lucky for Cassidy John comes up with a solution to keep a roof over her head and it involves 'polishing'. It takes a while for Cassidy to catch on but she is soon putting in the work to buy herself some more time.
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  • wrote 2369 days ago

    Cassidy is such a turn on. Such a beautiful face and smile. Gorgeous body. This girl can perform passionate sex and act with best of them. Alas I hear that she done with Boy/Girl scenes at least for now.

  • wrote 2449 days ago

    We all want to fuck her odiyv, join the queue!

  • wrote 2461 days ago

    I wanna fuck her.

  • wrote 2461 days ago

    No longer time fucking it's something

  • wrote 2463 days ago

    Aweosome job Cassidy! You bring such energy to your scenes!

  • wrote 2465 days ago

    Poor girl i'd pay her rent for her if she paid me back like that also.